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Logo or Image? Best brand for your blog?

Logos, images and colour schemes are powerful visual tools that are used in marketing - good ones, like the Coca-Cola logo, stand the test of time! In this article, I'll explain a little bit about the significance of branding and then offer FREE no-strings attached tips on how to create your own!

In 1965 The Paul Butterfield Blues Band became the first Elektra Records act to get their own custom designed logo and this became a common practice for the label. Love and The Doors soon followed. All of the Elektra bands benefitted from this unique method of exposure, that eventually spread:

Designed by the iconic Andy Warhol[*] , the famous Rolling Stones logo with bright red lips and tongue is recognized by fans all over the world, the subject for many a t-shirt and rock poster. However, few people know that the tongue is a reference to the Hindu goddess Kali, goddess of eternal energy. Similarly few people realize that this logo has been in almost constant use for more than four decades, making it an example of truly timeless appeal.

"Its a great logo, simple and tasteful, and immediately recognizable." ~ DJ_Quinn

the Doors logo font appears to have been taken from the new-at-the time elektra logo.

Elektra's art department head Bill Harvey designed The Doors logo in 1966; the doors logo is still an integral part of their artwork today. Although very much of the 60s the type style also has a feel of the 30s – especially relevant as The Doors recorded material by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht. The “teardrop” type style of ‘The’ was a deliberate acknowledgement of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, another Electra act, whose logo incorporated the same typeface. Paul Butterfield was one of Robby Krieger’s blues guitar heroes.

The logo for the band Love presented a unique style as well --- now you understand? STYLE is the ticket! You have to develop and personify your blog. You don't do that by stealing artwork from Emila Yusof or using the same template Shoemoney uses.

So, there's the LOGO but there is also the IMAGE. Xiaxue's blog became known by the image of the colour pink. For years, when you thought PINK and you were talking blogs you thought Xiaxue. That's where entertainer Nicki Minaj got her idea to use the colour PINK as one component of her personal brand or trademark. Nowadays, PINK makes you think NICKI MINAJ which makes you think BARBIE.

Where does that leave bloggers like us?

For me, it's this lime green colour I use on my blog as well as the little graphic image I created "New York's Hottest Blog" which is a combination icon/logo. I may change that in the near future, but when people see that anywhere on the web, they know it's me! I use it as a gravatar too!

Now, get out there and create an icon or logo or (better yet) both! Once you do - DON'T CHANGE IT! The blogging gurus will advise you to to "freshen it up." They're lying to you! They just want to see you slide down the hill and start all over again, and maybe sell you a worthless eBook along the way! FIND an image or logo or colour scheme that suits you and your blog. Make damn sure that you are 100% satisfied and won't want to change it for at least 5 years... then... GO WITH IT! Spread it around! Use it as your gravatar! get it out there on twitter, G+, facebook and any other blogging platform or forum or social network where others will SEE IT and IDENTIFY IT with YOU!

I've seen some mighty blogs with strong followings come and go... many abandoned liked barren fields that once supported nourishing crops. Here are a few techniques you might try to get started. But if you're going all the way and making a personal brand, I urge you to vow to STICK WITH IT!

USE YOUR CAMERA - just about every cellphone and smartphone has one - take pictures. take lots of pictures. Use them in the image or logo-creation process.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION - take that photo and use your computer to alter it and mold it into something else - you can even take pixels from existing pictures, cartoon characters whose copyrights long ago expired, why you can even do what artists like M.I.A. have and use simple tools like

PAINT on your computer will do some amazing things for the creative genius in you. You'll be surprised what this ancient Microsoft program can do...

NOT THE CREATIVE TYPE? There are many on the web who can create an image FOR you! You can find them easily enough by googling thing slike "blog design" or "logo design" - artists like Emila Yusof - but be warned: ther are scammers out there who will try to charge you way too much!

If you're on a super-tight budget, look for help on

GOOD LUCK! ...and...

Blog On!

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  1. I like this post;) just finished re-creating the logo for my blog, because I understand the importance of having a nice and memorable logo. awesome site u have here. Come say hi sometimes;)

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  3. @Tram Tran ::: Good for you! I definietly will be by there to check it out!

    @Bead Pit ::: there's over 5-thousand articles posted on this blog. don't be bashful about poking around on the site!

  4. Hi there and thanks for this interesting and important post.


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