Saturday, December 03, 2011

#Occupy Unnatural Habitat

National media recently carried stories about diseases spreading through Occupy encampments in cities across the U.S.A. Even #Occupy Albany was not immune, experiencing a mini-epidemic when Academy park was gripped by a stubborn cold virus.

I've seen it in print and heard it many times: a breakdown in society due to war or disaster rapidly compromises people's safety and health. Occupy is by no means a "breakdown" but the reported incidents remind us of our fragile nature. (Yeah - we like to think of ourselves as rough, tough and ready for anything. Go talk to an influenza virus about that!)

During my childhood years I would keep a small pet from time to time. A parakeet or turtle or white mouse. I learned the importance of keeping the cage clean.

We do as best we can to keep our cages apartments, homes and offices "clean" (the local "cat lady" is always the exception, and maybe the odd neighbor or two). When you set up house in a "tent city" or any collective that is not "natural" bad things can quickly happen!

Native Americans enjoyed a measure of health and happiness in their wigwams and long houses. Reservations have succumbed to plagues of depression, boredom, alcoholism and obesity.

Africans relocated and encamped as a result of tribal or civil wars fall victim to some of the world's most deadliest maladies, even though they're not too far from their original homes.

We don't always stop to think that we're all "just a bow shot away" ...

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