Saturday, December 24, 2011

@occupy_albany season finale

"We all are one, we are the same person" ~ Jimmy Cliff

Some people asked me for my opinion of the dismantling of the Occupy Albany camp. Eash time I shared my opinion, I was told I should "write that down" - so, here it is!

The authorities came in daylight on the day of the deadline, as they had said they would. In other cities, they came without warning, in dead of night.

The conclusion as reported in the media came as the result of ONE single person's actions.

There are two sides to every story.

One side says it was a policeman who overreacted and began pepper-spraying protesters.

One side says it was a LONE INDIVIDUAL who pulled on a police horse's reins.

Whichever the case, the outcome demonstrates what the protesters displayed in an act of solidarity when they formed a "human chain" around the info tent. The chain is as strong as its weakest link. Look at the few incidents of violence over recent weeks in Academy Park. Those can be attributed to weak links.

Aside from that, I thought the "tent procession" was rather surreal... but, I digress!

A link was broken on Thursday night. The fragile human chain will still endure, as it always has whenever a failed link is shed.

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Anonymous said...

First-- check out update...

Shame: Cuomo/Jennings: fascist crackdown on democracy (yep-- w/pepper spray) on Occupy Albany: ; ; ! (my friend Anton Konev is right-- officers in command should be suspended the

99 said...

You think of Occupy Albany as tho it were a TV series?

Occupy is a leaderless movement. For the people. By the people.

Of ALL people, YOU should know better!

Shame on YOU!

Dave Lucas said...

@99 ::: Close your eyes.
Think about Occupy Albany as you have seen and heard the movement portrayed in newspapers, online and on radio and television.

Images of characters - particular people associated with OA - will certainly come to mind.

Go to another Occupy in another city. Each has its own cast of "leading characters"...

Long after movements have moved on, individuals who were part of them made lasting impressions on other minds that until today remain:

Paul Revere
Pete Seeger
Ben Franklin
Rosa Parks
Joseph of Nazareth

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