Thursday, January 26, 2012

Around The Blogosphere 26 Jan 2012

Time now for another edition of "Around the Blogosphere." Let's get started.

Serbia: The Media War Against Angelina Jolie

Read this post.

Angelina Jolie was concerned about the reception of her director's debut movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, in Bosnia and Serbia, and some of her fears turned out to be justified. Sasa Milosevic reports on the virtual battle that Jolie's film has caused.

Another thing to worry about besides facebook forcing that timeline thing down our throats!

“In addition to triggering the greatest civic hell-raising in Internet history…the SOPA/PIPA laws have touched a nerve in Cuba’s digital community”: half-wired explains.

For some reason, James Altucher's blog post reminded me of an answering machine message I once came across years ago when working in a call center.

The man spoke in gentle, friendly tones.

This is Mr. Johnson speaking.
You've reached my machine.
If you're sellin' somethin' - I'm not buyin'...
If you need to borrow somethin' - I ain't lendin'...
If you need my help (he prounounced it "hep") ... I don't have time

May the Lord Bless You and Have a Wonderful Day!
“I consider them to be expressive and beautiful in a way that is so Caribbean”:Abeni blogs about West Indian proverbs.

Teach your dog to dance. And other endearing life tips. HERE.
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