Friday, January 06, 2012

Beef with the Chief

To be a police chief is a daunting task for anyone who has served in that position... ask Marisol about that...

Albany NY Police Chief Steven Krokoff may have entered the leadership on the low-key side, but he could possibly emerge as one of the municipality's best police chiefs ever. Make no mistake. He's a good guy - hailed as a local hero - but nonetheless a fellow who won't back down or back away from trouble!

Chief Krokoff roared to the defense of the men and women in his department Thursday night in a blistering speech, in which he named specific council members .... but ...
To get a clear picture of what's happening I suggest you read these 3 articles in detail.

Priceless, and it all speaks volumes!

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Occupy Albany said...

Occupy Albany is committed to its ongoing political work in bringing about recognition of the governmental and societal problems created by income inequality and the use of concentrated wealth to exert undue influence on our democracy. Part of that commitment is the insistence on transparency, truth and accountability regarding the actions of all public officials.

We believe that decisions were made by the City of Albany and the Albany Police Department on December 22 which were both wrong and unjustified, and that the negative impact of these regrettable decisions was compounded by police leadership in announcing their determination regarding these events -- that all members of the police department had acted properly -- without a full investigation.

We assert that there must be a full and independent investigation into decisions and actions of the Office of the Mayor and the Albany Police Department on December 22, which we believe cannot be carried out by the Albany Police Department as their conclusions have already been announced.

Occupy Albany supports the Common Council engaging in a full investigation, which must include more than just a hearing from the City of Albany, but must also include the opportunity for Occupy Albany members to present their accounts of events.

We support the continuation, expansion and improvement of the community policing initiatives underway in Albany, and believe that a full and independent investigation of the events of Dec. 22 is an essential step in preserving the integrity of community policing process and moving forward.

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