Monday, January 30, 2012

Easy Steps on How to Maintain a Portable Generator

Guest post by Alex.D

Most of the generators come with a product or service warranty. The warranty will maybe give us the confidence or will keep us thinking that if something odd happens to our generator, we can always return it to the company where we bought it for reconstruction or repair.

Even so, we need to be responsible and must know how to maintain a portable generator especially when we are talking about some topic like Yamaha EF2000iS vs Honda EU2000i. There are many advantages if you know how to keep your generator running. First, you can save the money intended for sending the product back to the store. You are also saved from wasting your time and effort in sending back the portable generator. Last, the life span of the generator will be lengthened since you know how to maintain a portable generator and how to take good care of it.

Here are easy steps to follow in maintaining a portable generator.

1. Ensure that the fuel you are using to run the generator is appropriate for it. If there is less oil, automatically add oil. Do not wait for the fuel tank to dry before refilling it. If the oil is already weeks old in the fuel tank, replace it with a new one since its viscosity might already change. Always make sure that the oil you use is of good quality.

2. Every generator needs to be warmed up but how frequent depends on its type. Generators with electric starter must be warmed up once a week. This is needed because each generator uses a battery that requires constant charging. If the generator is left unused for a long time, it becomes dry and will not be able to provide you electricity in case of emergency. On the other hand, those generators that was not equipped with electric starters like those that uses ropes will not be in trouble even if it¡¯s left for three to four weeks unused. But it is also advised that you turn it on for a while not to charge the battery but to keep the oil circulating around the engine smoothly.

3. When using the generator, make sure the total load does not exceed the generators maximum capacity. Do not turn on tools and equipments at the same time. Loading must be gradual. If you turn on the tools at the same time, it may exceed its maximum capacity at that instance and may damage your generator. Turn on the tool first with the maximum wattage requirement.

4. Perform a periodic cleaning. Check each part and lubricate with oil the small parts that need to be lubricated. Check the volume of the oil and the water radiator. Remember to check the fuel tank frequently. Also check the bolts and tighten them securely.

5. Place the portable generator in a room where there is good air circulation. Do not leave the generator where there are air or rain currents. To prevent electrical shock, use an appropriate grounding system for the generator.

Remember that knowing how to maintain a portable generator is important because the performance of the generator depends on its maintenance.
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James Jones said...

Thanks for sharing the post. The last part strike me the most. I never thought about providing proper air ventilation when using portable generator. Really appreciate the post. More power!

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