Friday, February 10, 2012

Entrecard Malfunction Has Bloggers in Tizzy (Again)

This is hilarious! Entrecard is down for the count (again) - and the usual cast of characters er, bloggers, are all excited! I've told them they'd be better off updating their blogs or at least writing something intelligent! But they're addicted to dropping EC's and they can't stop!

One of the disadvantages to putting all your blog-eggs in one or two baskets surfaces when one of the baskets tips over.

Long long ago I ceased to depend on any outside widget, product or service to "always be there" for me. (I even download my entire blog regularly so I have a copy should anything happen to blogspot).

And don't get me going on "cloud computing" which is a fancy way of covering up the fact that you will no longer have the ability to keep and control ownership of your own data - be that data in the form of photographs, blog posts, instant messenger and SMS conversations... whatever.
I prefer to have as much as possible STORED on my computer! That goes for emails, blogs, photos, videos, etc. Sure, I'll have them stowed away "up there" - but it is always best to keep files saved you can work on stuff if you cannot get online!

You can store and access gmail, your gmail calendar, facebook & twitter, your blog*spot or wordpress blog, right on your machine. I have all of these files "locked" in a password-protected file on my pc.
I get a chuckle nowadays whenever Entrecard burps. (It's nothing new!) Suddenly, shorts and panties everywhere are knotted in a proverbial bunch. It must especially hard for the obesessive-compulsive EC droppers like Mariuca, who displays ec widgets on four blogs and drops 1200 a day! Whew! Get a life, sister!

The news today is that there are some problems with the EC interface. Here's what the crew is crying about:

We'll lead off with Dickster - I commneted on all of these posts, so if you don't see my comments, they weren't approved! Here's another: "again entrecard is screwed up.I cannot access it to switch from my different card sites. BOO HISS ENTRECARD ,anyone else having this problem??"

"It's almost 24 hours now and entrecard is still down. I wonder when it will be up again."

For bloggers thinking of signing up with EntreCard, John Greco is the EC MASTER!

cmf ads has ceased to exist...

I am offering a nice 125x125 EC widget-sized chunk of prime blog real estate available on a first-come, first-served basis...

If YOU would like to advertise here on the blog (right above the twitterfeed in the upper right sidebar) NOW is the time to contact me! We can make a nice deal or arrangement, whether it be an ad for your own products or services or for a network ad.

UPDATE ::: The Blog That Am has posted a list of sites that could possibly be of assistance to those of you seeking out link/traffic exchanges:

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  1. Very interesting article. I also prefer to have my data on my computer anywhere else

  2. I am not terribly upset with Entrecard being down, just frustrated. There has been much speculation in the past of Entrecard going the way of other services like Adgitize, CMF. Having the system down for an hour or two is a burp. Going on 48 hours is a bit more serious but life goes on.

    By the way, when I first ready your post, I thought you were attributing a quote from another blog to me, but when I re-read it, I saw that it was another

  3. nice article! happy monday here!

  4. I agree with you, Dave! Entrecard is a boatload of crap. Especially stoopid are those chick bloggers who drop 900 ecs a day. What idiots! They get nothing out of it.

  5. I am also one of the blogger who rely on entrecard...but now i am starting to try some ways to increase my trafic.

  6. THANKS TO ALL YOU FOLKS for commenting here!

    Here's a tip: find between 5 and 10 great blogs that YOU really enjoy reading and interacting with. MAKE THOSE BLOGS YOUR BLOGROLL.

    With the new tools available via blogger (and I think WordPress has some too)_ you will be able to check right from your blog when you're favorites have updated. You'll be able to go there and comment, and they may even return the favor! (Especially if they get a little bump of traffic from your site!)

    Blog ON and thanks again for stopping by!

  7. Thanks to a websearch on "website traffic swaps," some likely possibilities in this respect as may want to be looked into to replace Entrecard against the possibility of its collapse include:


    What would be your general opine of these alternatives, especially against the likelihood of Entrecard's collapse? And might it be best to consider joining within especially timely limits?

  8. @The Blog That Am!

    Thank you - I've placed your links within the actual post! Please keep in touch - regularly visit me and I'll visit you back! We can help one
    another as bloggers without Entrecard if we have to! Let's work and stick 2gether!


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