Monday, January 30, 2012

Japanese Algebra

When in doubt, print it out!

Sometimes it's best to take a webpage and print it out - make hardcopy - something you can take to the sofa or the bedroom to analyze in a more peaceful analog state of mind!

A young blogger recently contacted me, asking for advice about monetizing her blog. She wrote "this monetisation(sp) makes as much sense to me as Japanese Algerbra(sp)," and she went on to beat herself up for failing to wrap her head around the concept. No fear, dear!

Every now and again you'll see bloggers post their stats and-or earnings online. While I am all for transparency, I think most of us like to play our cards closer to the vest.

Some of my favourite bloggers publish stats and earnings, and in a way the practice does serve to encourage less seasoned bloggers, some of whom are desperate to make a little extra cash in these economically depressed times.

One of them is Ana, whose Traffic Generation Cafe is a great "proving ground" when it comes to blog tweaking and tinkering!

Here's Ana's stats (below)- I went and fetched my blogs stats (farther below) - I was pleasantly surprised: I'm almost on Par with The Cafe - (hover and click on the individual images for larger versions) that tells me that my blog has a pretty solid footing, by golly!

Good for me!

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1 comment:

Ana Hoffman said...

Ahh - such a pleasure to see my face on your blog, Dave; brightened things up a bit! lol

Thanks for the shout!

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