Monday, January 30, 2012

NPR, Lana Del Rey, The Beatles, Nicki Minaj, Fame...

Funny how fame works - and the amazing part is that there are different ways of building fame.

I challenge you to go forth and build your own house of fame!

Nicki Minaj did it...

Christina Aguilera made the template... "RCA hired a team of young cybersurfers to swarm the Web and start chatting about the 18-year-old Ms. Aguilera on popular teenInternet sites such as, and They posted information casually -- sometimes sounding like fans, sometimes like official spokesmen -- but always making sure not to come off as lame adults trying to be cool or marketers pitching a product. It worked."

The Beatles actually did it by proxy... "On Christmas Day 1963 - practically no one in the US had ever heard of them... By Sunday February 9th 1964 interest in the Beatles was so intense that a world record audience of 73 million viewers tuned in to see the group's debut on The Ed Sullivan Show."

Lana Del Ray did it via YouTube...

Lana on Her SNL Act

Funny what catches on and what does not!

But beware! Fame is FLEETING!

In celebrity life, there have always been more runners-up than winners, so in an age in which nobody can quite believe that fame is fleeting, it’s no surprise that the only things many of the also-rans have left to sell are their disgruntlement, their desperation, and their decompensation. The reality-TV boom of the last decade created an entire subclass of people who misunderstood their fifteen minutes as a stepping-stone to a more permanent level of renown. They won’t step out of the spotlight without a fight... [more]
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Dave Lucas said...

Who would have ever thought I could have published 88 blog posts since January 1st? Not me, I tell you! And I've written 90% if them, at least.

Writing blog articles is a great way to hone your writing skills. Write and write and write!

Blog On!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that January is already over.

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