Sunday, January 01, 2012

Share YOUR Three Words

Every year since around 2006, Chris Brogan has challenged others to abandon the idea of making Ne year's Resolutions. Instead, he asks us to come up with 3 words that will help us define our goals and experiences for the coming year.

Chris: "Resolutions are often too vague, or too directed towards one goal. It might be “quit smoking” or “lose 20 pounds” or “get hired.” These are all fine aspirations, but I challenge you to dig deeper, to find three words that could be used as lighthouses to guide you through stormy seas, that can be used as flags on the battlefield of your challenges, words that will bolster you and give you a direction that goes beyond the goals you might attach as a result of these words.

This year, I’ve got a little something more, thanks to Jacqueline’s post. Now, not only will I stick to my three words, but I will use Jacq’s idea of #12in12 to execute on the meaning of those three words every month. I invite you to do the same. It really seems like the best way to stay very mindful of your 3 words and their place in your life."

My 3 Words for 2012

My three words for 2012 are: Forward - press on, keep-a-goin' - nothing can stop me as I march along the banks of the river Time

Prisoners - take none, and release all of the negativity received from others with agendas all their own

Perspective - the world is the world but every pair of eyes sees it differently - maintain a healthy realistic pragmatic outlook on life

Chris: And don’t forget to check out the 12 in 12 idea as a model for mapping your three words to actionable efforts every month. I think it’ll make a WORLD of difference!

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Valerie Deveza said...

Thanks for hopping on my blog.

You have pretty nice 3 words Dave! :)

Happy new year!

Iroko@Creating Millionaires said...

This definitely a new to go beyond the new resolution thing, I would definitely look into my 'vague' new year resolution and probably come up with my own 3 words

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