Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tweaking continues ... more and more (A blog update)

My new template layout is working out well. I'm pleased. The visitors seem pleased. All of the old issues with proper display on IE have vanished. I'm cranking out some high-quality (IMHO) articles. It seems like I have the sidebars balanced.

If you look in the lefthand sidebar, there is a "Popular Posts via RSS" box, which displays a different set of articles than the "Top Pots" box in the right sidebar, which displays a different set of articles than the "I Recommend" column below that comes from Google. I decided to keep them all, because they all showcase interesting and slightly different articles, with minimal overlap so that visitors can help themselves to additional content if they wish.

The World Markets and NY Lottery Numbers widget displays are really more for me than for you. And if you look at the "I Read These" column, you'll see stuff from blogs I'm regularly reading. I met a guy affiliated with The Watershed Post when I was covering a news story for radio on Windham Mountain. If you click on the Post it may take you to an RSS feed page from which you can click on the actual article as it appears on the Watershed Post. Good stuff there!

I also read Orient Lodge, but when I added it to the mix, the feed refused to update. I'll figure that out eventually!

And not to beat a dead horse, but except for those 180 Followers I lost in the template to layout transition, I'm pretty happy with the "look." Now I'm very tempted to give that followers widget the heave-ho, perhpas expanding the "I Recommend" to include a few extra articles. I'll see.

Oh, and the "Can't Find Something" widget by Google is really neat: if you are looking for something on my blog and can't recall the title or approximate date, try this widget!
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