Monday, February 27, 2012

The Book Is Waiting To Be Written

Here it is, almost March, and I haven't touched the rough draft of my novel in weeks. Feeling a tinge of guilt, I decided it was time to speed the writing process along. I purchased a half-size spiral notebook. It's one of those five star models with a cardboard pouch inserted into the spiral.

I do a lot of writing on index cards, so that pouch will come in handy. I've also developed my own "quick reference" method of keeping ideas fresh and at my fingertips. My best ideas don't come to me when I'm sitting at the computer keyboard. Instead they appear out of thin air - when I'm taking a walk - or on the bus - or they show up in my dreams...

Almost any evening you'll find me at a public library in Albany or Poughkeepsie or New York City... I recently spent almost 4 hours in a bookstore in Salem, Massachusetts - the place has books, literally, stacked in floor-to-ceiling piles - every book imaginable!

So anyway, I'm back to working on the book, and I'd like to have it finished by the end of 2012. I'll keep ya posted!
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Rose said...

Best of luck with it! said...

All the best, Dave. I am following you so I'll know when it's done.


Dave Lucas said...

Thank-you both.
The toil, in the end, will certainly be worth the trouble!

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