Monday, February 06, 2012

"Facebook Fatigue" Setting In

And this is just the beginning. The "Social Network" is right now at the very same turning point where MySpace was just before it collapsed under its own weight.

What will push it over the edge? The across-the-board imposition of the "timeline" which is being carried out right now. I think once the timeline is forced on all users, there will be a mass exodus - to something else - maybe something that's not been thought of yet.

What attracted millions to facebook was the clean, simple layout and the ease of use. A lot of people (myself included) were very unhappy last year, when some of the features that would come up after logging in were removed. Suddenly, facebook was dry and boring. Now, this "timeline" that few people really want should seal the coffin.

Here's what the experts say: GlobalWebIndex, one of the world’s most detailed global insight studies into consumers’ online behaviour, has released the findings of its November 2011 research, highlighting both new and continuing trends in the way consumers access and use Web-based platforms.

The report indicates that, on a global basis, Facebook users have significantly reduced the frequency of key Facebook activities including sending digital presents, searching for new contacts or sending message to friends. (Frustration is beginning to set in after the original site was modified).
If you type "d-e-l-e" into a Google search query, "delete Facebook" is the top predictive result, meaning it's a popular search among Google users.

Deleted Facebook Pictures May Still Lurk on the Internet [VIDEO]

So, "Facebook Fatigue" is spreading in the US from the early adopters who it identified as “disengaging” in the GWI.5 report. Declines in social networking activity such as messaging friends fell 12% over the six waves of research, searching for new contacts fell 17% and joining a group 19% among all Facebook users in the US.

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  1. You couldn't pay me to be on facebook. If the government would try and collecting half the information people voluntarily put on facebook there would be riots in the street. How anybody can entrust all this highly personal information to a for profit company that randomly changes privacy settings is beyond me

  2. It seems like Facebook has become the new MySpace, with trashy people joining by the second. Another annoying thing are the people that check themselves into places. I don't give a shit if you are at Dunkin' Donuts on Central Ave. I agree with you, Dave. Facebook will be replaced by something more exciting, more entertaining, more social and more silly.

  3. I'm just ready for the next new thing (Google+ isn't it). You know, something that starts out great and simple, and does not get invaded by the former MySpace crowd.

    "Material mined online has been used against people battling for child custody or defending themselves in criminal cases. LexisNexis has a product called Accurint for Law Enforcement, which gives government agents information about what people do on social networks. The Internal Revenue Service searches Facebook and MySpace for evidence of tax evaders’ income and whereabouts, and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has been known to scrutinize photos and posts to confirm family relationships or weed out sham marriages. Employers sometimes decide whether to hire people based on their online profiles, with one study indicating that 70 percent of recruiters and human resource professionals in the United States have rejected candidates based on data found online. A company called Spokeo gathers online data for employers, the public and anyone else who wants it. The company even posts ads urging “HR Recruiters — Click Here Now!” and asking women to submit their boyfriends’ e-mail addresses for an analysis of their online photos and activities to learn “Is He Cheating on You?” "


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