Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spiritual Mash-Up

During breakfast with Saki Tumi this morning at the Internet Café, I was perusing the latest edition of Metroland, and came upon a Featurewell article which began "Think about Romney and his faith for a moment..."

That got me thinking about my own faith. Many times people have questioned me regarding my religious allegiance.

Let me put it this way: my religion is a mixtape. I was raised Roman Catholic in an area where the only other major belief was Judaism. Naturally curious, I learned all about Jewish culture, food and traditions from neighborhood kids. And, going to parochial school, I was well aware of the Jewish Holidays as I would gaze out the classroom windows and see the Jewish kids playing. (Of course, we Catholics played outside the nearby public but mostly Jewish school on Catholic religious holidays!)

So while the basic structure and melody of my faith is Roman Catholic, there are samples from Judaism and Islam, beats from Martin Luther, rhymes from "new agers" and a little Hindu mantra wrapped into the background melody with a random shout from Confucius.

I'm not suggesting it's for everyone, but I truly believe that God is delighted with my personal brand of syncretism. And I wonder if more people would find harmony in their lives by taking a cafeteria approach to religion.

You've asked if I have a favourite religious or Christian or "God" song? If it did, it might be this.

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