Thursday, February 23, 2012

What You Need May (or may not) Be In The Feed

On three of the many blogs I regularly read, the bloggers routinely publish their earnings online.

If not for RSS, I wouldn't even know about these earnings ! Two of these blogs have landing pages that are way too busy - too much stuff going on - one even has a black background with white text - SMALL white text that is really difficult to read.

Another blog wrote a very nice article about me - that DID NOT appear on RSS! The I noticed several of their posts rarely make it to RSS... very puzzling indeed...

Some of my own blog posts fail to appear on RSS from time to time, unless I give them a gentle "push"...

My own twitter feed is sometimes not picking up new blog posts - that too seems to be hit and miss.

MORAL OF THE POST ::: experiment with RSS and feeds, but do not solely rely on any one feedreader or system. Make certain you don't miss anything of importance to you!
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