Monday, March 19, 2012

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

...And How to Avoid Them

The internet is littered with the remnants of defunct blogs. Successful blogging requires more than just selecting a "niche" and a template to go along with it. It requires avoising the big mistakes that can seriously hurt your blog's long-term growth potential.

Before we get started here, wipe your brain clean of all the blog barf the "gurus" of blogging have been telling you!

I created this simple guide to help you make better blogging decisions. It explains many of the common mistakes bloggers make and how to avoid them. Matter of fact, just sidestepping any one of these mistakes could greatly enhance your ability to reach your blogging goals, whether they entail money, love or both!

Mistake # 1 ::: Not Having Clear, Long-Term Blogging Objectives

I started my blog out of need for an internet presence for a radio program I was hosting back around 2001. Eventually it morphed into a personal diary, then into pretty much what it is now. I modeled my blog in the spirit of Boing-Boing "a directory of wonderful things." Maybe this ain't no directory, but it is an aggregation and a compilation and artistic realization all stirred into one dish, served up by the wonderful blog*spot...

So if you want some straight-on starting fluid - Nikko Marasigan has posted what you need to do to begin on Famous Bloggers - and really what you should do, is PRINT everything out as hardcopy that you can refer to, check things off when you've completed them, make notes in the margins: have a WORKING piece of material that you don't need a computer to access!

NOTE::: DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO "Choosing a Domain Name and a Hosting Company" - that is

Mistake # 2 ::: Choosing a Domain Name and a Hosting Company

Find a self-hosting platform like Blog*Spot or WordPress - NEVER trust your design, your images , your blog or anything else to any third-party! I've seen too many hosting companies (even "big" ones) suddenly wither and die - leaving bloggers high and dry. I've seen image-hosting companies abandon bloggers, leaving their blogs stranded with crazy graphics where images and pictures and infographics once lived.

YES - the internet is forever - YOUR BLOG IS NOT - you are at the mercy of a domain name and / or hosting company - so better safe than sorry - go Blog*Spot or WordPress - back up your blog every single day - and never look back!

EVERYTHING ELSE NIKKI MENTIONS IS IMPORTANT - RIGHT NOW -MARCH 2012- but if you are reading this and it is JANUARY 2013 (and we beat the Mayan end-of-time curse) any or all of that info may no longer be releavnt, because the Internet is ALIVE and that is why we have

Mistake # 3 ::: Don't Apply Any Blog "Tips" If The Source Has NO DATE

A long of blogging "gurus" are getting smart - even advising folowers to do away with dates and times when posting. if you don't see a date, don't put much faith in what you are reading - things change really fast on the infobahn! Don't screw yourself by trying to apply outdated techniques to your blog!

Mistake # 4 ::: Listening To Those Blog Gurus

So many of them! Wannabee know-it-alls who are after one thing - YOUR MONEY! Keep it! YOU NEED IT!

The best general blogging advice is FREE - so unless they are willing to give you their phone number and coach you one-on-one, forgettabout'em!!!!

There was one nut who back in 2005 was beating his drum telling everyone that VLOGS were the new blogs - and that in a year or two there would be no more blogs! Heh-heh! Blogs are still around - most of the VLOGS (and there were just a handful of "big" ones) are gone.

Another nut was convinced that Posterous ruled the internet and that "lifestreaming" was the new wave. Oh well! Twitter just bought Posterous the other day. Another nut's case dismissed!

ASIDE ::: YOU and I WON'T SEE the "next big thing" coming - it's ALWAYS that way - and whenever soemone tells you "this is the next twitter, or youtube, or google" - they are FULL OF IT up to their earlobes!

Mistake # 5 ::: Fretting Over Content

People will tell you that "content is king" while others say it is not. Just find your own comfort level - THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM AT THE TOP - and there is no limit to what you and your little blog can accomplish with the right mindset,

ASIDE ::: You need a working brain to build a great blog. 60s rockstar Grace Slick tells a story somewhere in a magazine where she thinks a lot of people on the internet have no real talent - she once did an interview via fax machine with someone who was smart by fax but dumb in "real life" - and there arte lots of people aho seem really savvy on the net - but in the analog world they are losers.
If you believe in yourself, you will do great things. You and your blog. Just like Xiaxue and so many others have done... so please do not fall into the trap of

Mistake # 6 ::: Lack of Faith

Again, Just believe!

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Dawn said...

Hi Dave!

Great advice. The gurus became wealthy by being a "guru wannabee" who sold enough copies of something that may or may not worth buying.

I keep the dates on my blog posts too except for blog, but it is glitch. It is just life stuff anyway but it is a glitch with my template. Love the template but keep finding different quirks about it.

Hope you have a wonderful week :)

Anonymous said...

Dave! You are SO right! I would NEVER use a hosting service ever again. My last blog was hijacked by some shit ass in Malaysia. The hosting service (which is now out of business) refused to help me.

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