Thursday, March 01, 2012

Are You Full of Blog?

What does your blog say about you?

Does it slam the door in first-time visitors' faces with an annoying pop-over?

Is your latest article "right there" when visitors stop by? Most people won't pick through garbage to find treasure.

Is the print too large? Most of your readers left third grade a long time ago! (And they won't come back if they think you're insulting their intelligence!)

Does it LOOK like a "splog"??? Google what that is, look at several splogs. Now go back to your blog - If it resembles a splog, you have serious redesigning to do!

Does your blog OBVIOUSLY overstate the fact that you think the reason people are visiting your blog is to BUY SOMETHING?

Do you think that those 65 comments you have would be there if you weren't offering "CommentLuv"?

Are YOU Your Blog? The blog should REALLY be about YOU, not your idiot eBook!

PS: Get rid of the "BFF's" along with the "Top 10 Commenters" (who all happen to be your friends) and the ridiculous "Best Blogger Awards" - they make you and your blog appear to be sub-minor league!
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