Sunday, April 01, 2012

DMCA Takedown Notice


Forget everything I ever said about thinking that YOUR ORIGINAL WORKS are safe from copyright takedowns and violations!

READ THIS article about someone whose original artwork somehow ended up with them getting a DMCA complaint!

I could quote Groucho Marx here, but now I wonder if I would be safe doing so...

but then again, even LAWYERS aren't safe...

...and now the original post...

My Little Chunk of Blogosphere Took A Hit Last Night

While some bloggers write about their blogs only when bragging about how much money they've made blogging, I like to share other bits and bytes of info that YOU may find really helpful as you go about your own business on the web...

I received a notification Friday from Blogger:
19:41PM 03/29/2012 A DMCA complaint on your content has been received and/or updated.


So I checked to see what it was: an old (2007) post about Shakira, the pop star. But look at the "offending link"The link actually violating copyright law goes to a radio station that DID NOT EXIST in 2007!

I removed an entire sidebar display of radio station links right after I discovered this!

My guess is that the radio station was streaming the song and some sort of internet drone that hunts down copyright violations scanned my blog at the same time!

MORAL ::: Be Original and be Vigilant. You can't possibly know when a link on your blog or website will be targeted as a copyright violation. In my case, there was no violation (by me, the blogger) - so here I've been giving advice about avoiding copyright violation, but never saw this one coming! Is going "MINIMALIST" on one's blog the best thing to do?

I'm sure that many bloggers who have awakened to find their blogs deleted may have wondered WHY and "Why me?" and have never gotten an answer. This is one potential reason!


RIGHT NOW I am downloading and backing up all of my blog entries to date (always a good practice anyway!)
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  1. You are exactly correct, David! However, the drone could have come into your blog from the other direction. It could have started at the radio station URL and searched for sites linking TO it!

    I gave up blogging after two of mine, one WP one Blogspot, were shut down for "violations" and I was never given details.

  2. Excellent point to make sure you take backups and exports of your blog frequently, especially if you are on free hosting platforms which can pull your site without warning.

    Beware of the backlinks, who knows if you get a comment linking to a violating site/clip and you could be flagged as well.

  3. Dave! I remember reading that Shakira post. Somebody left some of the words to a Shakira song in your comments!

  4. You may be onto something, ANONYMOUS!

    I just remembered that when blogger removes a post, they don't delete it.

    I found it in my list of posts and took another look.

    For sure, there are NO links to any media. Just a link to Shakira's own website.

    So it is awfully stange... but yes, I can tell you that back at the time that as posted, I wasn't moderating comments, for whatever reason! If someone left lyrics in them... but the strange part is the link saying the copyrighted material resides on the particular radio station's website.

    That link is to their stream. So I removed all links to radio streams that I had up.

  5. Thanks for that Dave, it's something I hadn't given much thought to but I will now!

  6. Looks like this has happened to you before, Dave! I did a search on your blog for DMCA and found this:


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