Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Facebook Suicide Photo

The blame is placed upon "social isolation in the Internet age."

31-year old Claire Lin of Taiwan documented her suicide heavily through each step on Facebook through pictures and postings. In one picture Lin showed a charcoal barbecue burning next to two stuffed animals and in another her room filled with fumes. She also described what she was going through in graphic detail and some of our friends pleaded with her to not go through with the suicide.


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Blogderella said...

...and the world still spins...without a care really.

thats why I live for myself! cause you don't know when you're going to die, or who will even give a crap.

Appolonia2 said...

Facebook breaks up marriages, it breaks up friendships, it breaks up family members and now it appears it also kills.

Crackhead Bob said...

Well, here's yet another reason I hate this monster that Facebook has become. They call it a "social network," but really it's an anti-social network. Everybody has so many so-called friends, most of whom they will never meet and interact with on a human level. They know all the details of your life and the things you're dealing with, but they won't even call the authorities and attempt to help you when for over an hour you are killing yourself and uploading photos of it. What a stinking narcissistic age we live in. I thought we were done with the "Me Generation," but clearly it's still all about me, me, me. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

No one cares about you on FB ,they only are selfish and thrive off your suffering,
that is why i opt out of FB !! God is the answer whom will have his angels drive,
away the demons, so that you will live and be happy while on earth.*

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