Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get Your Head (and your Computer) Out of The Cloud

Much ado about Cloud computing which I loathe...

The URL Link has been changing, so in case you can't get there from here via the link above, here's a snippet:

"Companies can employ a variety of strategies to enjoy the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure, while also maximizing data security. By deploying a private cloud environment, companies will rely exclusively on in-house security solutions. This would include their staff’s knowledge of security tools and the reliability of their existing IT infrastructure to defend against data theft. Deploying a public cloud environment usually means employing a hosted cloud-based service and infrastructure provider. In this case, a company would rely on the security capabilities, knowledge and insight that the provider brings to the table."

Sorry, I see no safety, no security , NOTHING for me in the whole "cloud" concept. Sheeple, yes, they'll love it. Me, nah! I've just ordered a new laptop, one of the last to feature both wifi and dialup capabilities as well as the Windows Xp OS, which I have come to embrace as Microsoft's best.
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