Saturday, March 17, 2012

Google PageRank Not Working

Kira was moved to blog when the blog's PR vanished...

PR - Schmee-R!

Bloggers have been tortured and troubled "Help, I've lost my PageRank!"

Someone commented on seogeekster blog ::: "When I checked my site first I was shocked. It was showing PR 0. I was confused. Then I opened another more site to my browser, but all were showing 0. I even posted the problem to a seo forum, but I didn't get any reply. Then I did some research on it and I realized that Google is not updating PR it is modifying the equation of the page rank."

Blogmeister Kira weighed in ::: "In my opinion, Google can't stop this Pagerank tool right away as this is one of their bread and butter when it comes to advertising and so with us though. I remember from its history, the two things that made Google search engine popular and unique from other search engines were/are the backlinking / popularity and the Pagerank."

Bloggers, whoa!

  • In case you haven't heard, PR is no longer "all that glitters" on the net.
  • Google got wise to all of the "blog gurus" and "seo pdf peddlers" and they've cut the legs out from under them!
  • Google is performing algorithm updates specifically to target sites over doing the SEO.
  • Been over to any "A-list" blogs recently? see any mention of PageRank or a badge or button anywhere there?

Now do you "get it"???

I left a few words for Kira :::

Hey Kira! You've opened another "Pazndora's Box" here - I just tweeted out your link with the headline "Anyone still care about PageRank?" - what once was a big scare tactic/money maker for "blog gurus" is no longer a player... oh, and Kira and friends, check this Google article out:

Thanks to those fool's messiah's - the "SEO experts," the folks they were pretending to help - the bloggers - get the shitty end of the stick on this deal! I've warned you before and I will warn you again: STAY AWAY FROM THE BLOGGING GURUS AND THEIR B.S.

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