Thursday, March 29, 2012

MegaMillions Hits World Record Breaking $540M!

This just in...

What's that? You didn't win the Mega? Neither did I! Shall we try again?

Friday's MegaMillions drawing will be for a world record breaking $540 Million, exceeding every previous lottery jackpot.

The bump makes Friday's jackpot the largest single jackpot in Lottery history. The largest Mega Millions jackpot prior to the current record setting jackpot was $390 million; won by players in New Jersey and Georgia in 2007. The largest Mega Millions jackpot paid to a New Yorker to date is $319 million. The jackpot was claimed by a group of state workers from the Capital Region.

No player has matched all five numbers and MegaBall since January 24th.

Here's what FOX News has to say about MM ::: "money gained through anything other than labor, creativity, courage and commitment is far more likely than not to obscure the path toward real richness" ... WTF?

Gunner Jackson has a much better outlook (and grasp) on the situation ::: "Grab that lucky rabbits food, rub the schnoz of some famous statue… whatever brings you luck, do it… and go buy some Mega Millions Lotto Tickets!"

Amen, Gunner!
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Dragonblogger said...

Odds of winning are 170 million to 1, but no reason to not buy a ticket or two. They say that picking your own numbers wins more often than random generated numbers, but I would do 1 ticket of each.

The best odds of winning are pools, and most of the big powerball winners have been pools of employees putting in to a bunch of 100 tickets...etc and splitting the winnings. Get 5 buddies together and split 50 tickets, sharing that much winnings with 5 friends is still more than enough for everyone.

Dave Lucas said...

Or the winner will be some poor fellow whose wife sent him to the store around the corner for something and he spent a buck on a quick pick...

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