Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Now here's a first-class foto worthy of addition to any post! It's a picture of Yarah Bravo。の画像 that I found on a Japanese website!

Yarah is one of my favourite indie HipHop artists. Just google her up on youtube for a plethora of videos and collabs. You'll find some real gems! that's what I like most about the internet! Finding all of the amazing songs and artists I would otherwise never have gotten to hear!

Naturally, if I'm going to post a picture of Yarah Bravo, it's only right that I include my favourite video clip that features Little Miss B. It's Yarah with DJ Vadim and BluRum13 aka OneSelf doing "Bluebird" - which I understand was filmed in Barcelona. And here's a gallery of pix: Yarah Bravo in Zürich 14.01.2012

A paywall alternative? Google launches revenue-generating surveys

Publishers will be able to make money from microsurveys which Google says could be an alternative to paywalls and ads for news sites

Check out artist Omar Banuchi's blog on Tumblr: “a small and modest blog of images.”

Stuff worth listening to: first, via The Michigan Telephone Blog -

Next, from :
Ethiopian Facebook users have reacted to a mobile phone recorded YouTube video which shows a little girl constantly being abused by her mother. Shortly after the upload of the video, netizens on Facebook organized an online campaign for justice by starting a Facebook group called “Ethiopians Against Child Abuse”

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