Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Rush is... OFF?

Rush Limbaugh could be facing a career-changing moment! First, yours-truly id'd "Rushbo" as a leader of the 1 per-centers. And now this:

Below is an email from D. Washington, a MoveOn member who created a petition at SignOn.org that is getting a lot of attention and may be of interest to you. If you have concerns or feedback about this petition, click here.

Dear MoveOn member,

Rush Limbaugh has gone too far with his attacks on Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke, calling her a "slut" and a "prostitute" and suggesting she post video tapes of herself online having sex.

Rush Limbaugh's radio show is a part of the Clear Channel lineup, and it's time that they no longer allow Rush Limbaugh to spew hateful and derogatory comments. That's why I created a petition to Clear Channel on SignOn.org, which says:

Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University who was advocating for health insurance plans to cover the cost of contraception, became the target of a series of attacks by Rush Limbaugh. Besides calling her a "slut," he also called her a "prostitute," said that he wanted her to make sex tapes and post them online, and speculated that she only had a problem paying for contraception because she was having "so much sex." We who support Ms. Fluke find that this is a serious offense committed by Mr. Limbaugh, and we ask that his radio show be terminated.

Will you sign the petition? Click the link below to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:



–D. Washington

The text above was written by D. Washington, not by MoveOn staff, not by Dave Lucas and neither Dave Lucas nor MoveOn is responsible for the content.

Any thoughts?
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Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney has drawn criticism for remaining largely silent on Rush
Limbaugh’s sexist attacks against Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke,
saying only, “it’s not the language I would have used.”

What has gone largely unnoticed, however, is Romney’s corporate
connection to Limbaugh. While Limbaugh owns the company that produces
his show, it’s syndicated and broadcasted by Premiere Radio Networks,
which also handles Limbaugh’s advertising. Premiere is a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Clear Channel, the radio and outdoor advertising
behemoth. Clear Channel, meanwhile, is owned by a partnership of two
private equity firms, Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners — the
same Bain Capital that Mitt Romney once ran.

Romney left Bain in 1999, long before it purchased Clear Channel in
2006, but he still makes a large portion of his income from Bain, via
a lucrative retirement deal and withmillions invested in Bain funds.
And Bain and its employees have given at least $151,500to Romney’s
presidential campaign, and $2 million to the super PAC backing the

Appearing on The View, Fluke was asked if she thought Limbaugh should
be “fired” over his comments about her. “I’m going to leave that up to
the sponsors, to Clear Channel communications,” she replied.

Hollie Berrie

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