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SMS Text Message Spam

UPDATE ::: if you visit a blog and you are greeted with a popover or any box asking for any private information, DO NOT type in your cell phone number! This is how blogging gurus get numbers to spam via SMS! Instead, give a Google Voice number, so when they contact you, you can block the guru's number AND report it as spam to Google at the same time!

Those darned blogging gurus!

Look what they're up to now!

First, a bit of good news: the spam in your email or gmailbox is about to decrease! The tricksters are beginning to understand we are overspammed, and, well, just too smart for them! Google's gmail is very savvy when it comes to sniffing out spam and heading it off into the junkmail pile!

Now the bad news. Make sure you are sitting back in your chair. The blogging gurus have figured out they can bug the s**t out of you via text messaging!

It all started with twitter - have you noticed lately you'll get a notification you've been mentioned on twitter... like this...
Of course the link goes to an ad, and Bob is one annoying f**k - he's not really Bob at all, he's a female blogging guru who has almost 155 similar accounts on twitter that she uses to pester people with.

But this is only the beginning! Some of these blog gurus have purchased TELEPHONE lists - CELLULAR telephone lists - and they're using automated software to TEXT these numbers like there's no tomorrow!


Use the link to determine WHO the blog guru is. Then COMPLAIN like the worst bitch in the world. Raise an objection with your cellphone carrier. See if you can figure out the guru's cell provider and complain to them also! Discover and register a complaint with Mr. or Ms. Guru's ISP. Go to his or her BLOG ( find out who the host is and COMPLAIN ) remember - the squeaky wheel gets the grease - so bitch bitch bitch - look up the guru's name on Google's blogsearch.google.com and leave a comment on EVERY blog this character is mentioned on. Sign up for and visit forums. Tell everyone what an asshole he-guru or she-guru is.

After you have personally kicked guru-butt:

Take the guru's spam text message on your phone, forward that text to the shortcode 7726 (which spells "SPAM"). You'll then receive an automated message from your wireless carrier, asking you then to enter the phone number from which the spam text was sent.

via CNN ::: Recently all of the major North American wireless carriers have deployed a centralized spam-reporting service backed by GSMA, a global association of wireless carriers. This service collects information about spam complaints from all participating carriers into a common database, which may make it easier for carriers to identify spammers and take action against them.

According to GSMA, one feature of the new spam-reporting service is that it generates a data feed of spam reports that carriers can integrate into their network security measures.

Better yet, you can SUE THE GURU!

If we all stick together and gang up on the gurus, we'll be sending a message they won't be able to ignore!

Go the EXTRA mile! Here's more...

If you are a Google Voice user, you can block spammers directly from within Voice by simply logging into the web panel and clicking the “Report Spam” button for any message you want.

How to report spam SMS text messages to AT&T

If you’re a Verizon customer, you can simply use their Spam Controls to disable any messages sent to your phone from the web or email (like yournumber@vtext.com), which is where a very large percentage of the spam is going to come from. You can also block domains or email addresses specifically if you want—just head into the Internet Spam Blocking tab once you login to the Verizon panel.

Have you had any experience blocking spammers? Please share your wisdom with my other readers in the comments below.
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