Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 5 Essential Steps to Home Security

Home safety and the protection of you, your family, and your belongings is sometimes overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. The down economy has unfortunately created a higher rate of home burglaries and thefts. Knowing how to protect your family and belongings can ensure you will not be a victim to theft or burglary.

#5 Do Not Make Your Home A Target

Keep your house well lit inside and out. Having proper outdoor lighting with sensors can dramatically reduce the chances of being robbed. Do not let mail pile up in your mailbox or on your doorstep. If you're home has large windows facing the street, do your best to not make your valuables visible.

# 4 Communicate with your Neighbors

Believe it or not, when police are called to the scene of a burglary, it is usually a witness who makes the call. Neighbors often look out for each other and understand that you will usually do the same. Keep in touch with you're neighbors every so often and let them know of suspicious activity.

# 3 Use Outdoor Security Cameras

If a burglar sees a security cameras around your house, the chances of them attempting to break in is dramatically reduced. A few good cameras and recording device can make the difference in catching the thief if you are robbed.

#2 Alarm System

Many people underestimate the use of alarm systems. The idea that even if a thief triggers an alarm, they will be brave enough to continue to take your belongings without the need to rush out. In reality, many security systems have features that can notify you or a security company when an alarm is triggered. They also have features for windows and other possible entrances throughout your home.

#1 Quality Locks

The number one way burglars enter houses is, believe it or not, the front or back door. Many people feel they will never be target of a burglars and therefor do not take the proper persuasions. Using a quality lock on all doors including the backdoor can dramatically reduce the chance of a thief breaking in. Using quality locks can also reduce the susceptibility of your locks being picked. Many locks on houses have not been changed in years and scan be easily picked. Updating your locks can be easily done by a Las Vegas locksmith. They can change all of your locks to ones that cannot easily be picked or broken.

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kim light said...

Nice guide. informative post about the Home security. Thanks for the post..
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home security protection said...

Very useful tips you put on. I'll try them at home. What security system do you recommend by the way?

Dave Lucas said...

The one I would recommend only operates in my city. Check your local listings.

Malcolm Stone said...

I think that your point on neighbours should be number one, it definitely is in my mind. There's nothing like burglary and her twitching curtains to set my mind at rest, you can't disable the electronics in a caring and watchful neighbour.

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