Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Ways to Market a Dental Practice

It is important to engage in practical and the right marketing methods for your business. There are tons of marketing methods out there, but they don't always apply across the board.

Here are some of the best ways to market a dental practice.

1. Word of Mouth.

If you do great work, your patients will let others know. Make them feel comfortable and at ease and their co-workers, family and friends may become your next patients. Give them cards to hand out to people they know, these are the most targeted and beneficial leads you can get as a dentist.

2. SEO

If someone searches for "Las Vegas Dentists" on Google, don't you think your name should be there if you are a dentist in Las Vegas? Having an online presence is extremely important for most businesses. You want your name to pop up when people are searching for what you do, its simple.

3. Deals

Going to the dentist can be expensive. People want to know what your prices are. Whether you are putting these on a billboard, in online ad copy or on your business card, people want to see them. Do you give people percentages off if they refer another patient to you? Do you give family discounts? Make your business seem giving, but not cheap.

These are 3 extremely practical ways for your dental practice to market themselves. They are also 3 very inexpensive ways to market. It might not be worth your time to advertise on that giant billboard, or make that television commercial. Use your marketing dollars wisely and invest in other ways to make your business more profitable. Make sure your clients are getting top notch experiences each time they are in your office and make sure you are putting your marketing dollars towards targeted leads.
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