Friday, April 27, 2012

Blog Contingency Plan

Welcome to the weekend! It's Friday evening - I have much to do - but looking forward to every second of it. Once I'm done with this initial weekend post I'm off to the gym. When I get back I have some other stuff to do online.

After reading an article today on Ana Hoffman's blog, I came to the conclusion that everyone who keeps a blog should have an emergency plan - a "contingency plan" if you will - to deal with anything unforeseen that comes your blogging way.

A contingency plan is a plan devised for an exceptional risk that, though unlikely, would have catastrophic consequences. Contingency plans are often devised by governments or businesses.

Years ago, I learned the hard way that you cannot take anything online for granted. Yes, it's nice to have a free blog*spot or WordPress account. But those who giveth, can also taketh away. Oh, and don't think your stuff is safe if you are operating a "hosted" blog. I've seen these go down fast when either the host company goes out of business or gets taken over by another company... I have also seen bad things happen when bloggers rely on small 3rd party companies for image hosting. No room for "entitlement mentality" when you put yourself and your blog at the mercy of others.

I've also learned not to become too fond of "services" things like "SideBlog" and "MyBlogLog" and "HaloScan Comments" --- all great things that went up in smoke when the providers pulled out. (Add Google Friend Connect to that! Oh, and PostRank too!) If you really like a particular service, find a similar one and employ it as a back-up.

This is my first weekend beginning to blog heavily using Raven and Deepest Sender. The crazy thing about these two programs is the ease and speed with which I can use them via my old WinME Packard Bell PC which accesses the Internet via dial-up! No sluggy "new blogger interface" needed. At least not until the powers that be cut these two fine alternatives off. Which admittedly, could happen. I also use "Google desktop" which is no longer officially supported, but works.

I do not believe in anything "Cloud." You'd be wise to follow my lead! I keep copies of my blogs on harddrive, CD and USB. I recommend that you...

Formulate a CONTINGENCY PLAN of your own. Make a list. Check it thrice. Figure out a way to safeguard and preserve everything you do online (that's if it means anything to you - you are the only one who can decide the worth of your stuff), unless you really don't care if it gets erased.

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Eulalia said...

You have raised a vital point. Truly speaking, I never thought about it. I shudder to think of my blogs being deleted because some company decides to take away the service. Thanks for this post, again. I am going to get my contingency plan ready by today.

KIM said...

I suffered once from this problem when the hosting company went out of business and I had to suspend my blog. Now, I keep a backup plan ready. And yes, hard disk is the best place to store things. No matter how much my son laughs at me but I cannot rely on the online servers.

Sally said...

Cloud computing is not for me. I prefer to maintain copies in my hard drives. Anything can happen any day and I value my stuff dearly. I always take a backup of things and store them in CDs.

Helen said...

She is a beauty and looks very innocent. What brought her to this dangerous line? May be she enjoys the thrill of it. Anyway, nice photo.

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