Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dead in Cleveland ~ An original poem and illustration by Dave Lucas

Ah, the poet in me, in quest of literary discovery, puts his pen and sharpie to paper. These things just come out of the blue, so I write them down. I'm sure of their value or merit. But I share them with you anyway!

Kneeling in the concrete field
involuntarily ashiver
cold cold metal pressed to the back of his head

pre-sorted memories
spilling like windblown packing peanuts
tears stream down his immaculate face

he could not have known
this would be his final hour
weather forecast: red rain

all that he had been taught
but never practiced
is useless here and now

he raises his voice
invoking his Father; begging forgiveness
for real & imaginary transgressions

his finances distributed
communications terminated
remaining information in flesh and blood

a snapping sound; a small explosion
a man lying on a sidewalk
in what once was called Cleveland

I picked the city of Cleveland as the setting for this harsh piece because there is a world-class poet who lives there and shares my name! A wonderful tribute to a talented soul!

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