Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deepest Sender

OK - here I am again, testing another blog editor. Deepest Sender is an online or offline editor that works with several blog platforms, including blogger and LJ.

It is actually a firefox extension, with a very small size! Maybe not as feature-rich as Raven - but, hey - if it can get that post up there, that's what counts!

There is a provision to upload an image, but one needs the full path to do that - I can get to that later.

To recap - this test, as was the Raven test, is bring performed on a Windows Millenium OS which has been installed on an old Packard Bell computer that accesses the internet via dial-up.

I figure if I can get it to work on here, it can work anywhere! I am using Firefox version and the version of Deepest Sender from 2007, version 0.8.0 - DS warns that newer versions may crash older versions of firefox, so I wanted to keep it real, if you know what I mean.

OK - next thing to do is hit the "Post" button - and then a grey box appeared, an alert regarding a date/time error.Fisrt I tried upgrading DS to version 0.9.0 - that didn't work - it is unable to run on this machine, so I guessed correctly when I picked 0.8.0 from the list.

I think I have the "fix" - if this publishes I will place the fix info in the "comments" section... here we go again...
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Dave Lucas said...

How about that! It works! Now I have two offline blog editors!

Here is where I found the first "adjustment" I had to make: It's not that difficult! ... and the second fix was really easy: I used a file that I found on a website(darned if I can't find it now! ) BUT I do have a copy that I can email you if you need it - it is a small file! And it works!

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