Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Enter The Raven: New Blogger Interface Never More!

Say "Never More" to the "New Blogger Interface"

I had a joyous blogging experience last night, after loading "Raven" onto my old dial-up PC running Windows Millenium, and VOILA! [READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE]

So, now if I can't effectively use the new blogger interface (which refuses to even load on the old dial-up WinME PC) I can circumvent it with a very interesting and feature-rich OFFLINE (and online) blog editor! Yes, Raven can work and I think you can store your posts on your machine as well... EXACTLY what I have been looking for, I want to STEER CLEAR OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING "CLOUD"!

The day is drawing near - a day many bloggers dread - the full imposition of the "new blogger interface." The option I told you about to switch back to the old blogger editor, may not be available much longer.

Could it be possible that Google is deliberately trying to weed out the "autoblogs" that scrape content from other websites, as well as discourage "teeny-bopper" bloggers and those folks who do not have the time, patience, or modern Operating System to continue with Blogger/Blog*Spot???

The recommended web browsers for composing "new blogger interface" entries: for chrome

If you are using an older web browser (like IE 8) you will get a message you will need to update your browser. If you are trying to update using a smartphone or an iPhone, you really are SOL!

Bob's Blitz calls the new interface "Google's 'New Coke' Moment" --- I believe, all bitchin' aside, the demise of the old blogger interface could be Google's "technorati moment."

What do I mean by that? Hmmmm... think "Pinterest" in reverse... Pinterest came out of nowhere and is suddenly wildly popular... none of those snooty web gurus saw that one coming.

Google could be setting the stage for blogger/blog*spot to go in the other direction.

The Technorati Moment ::: Technorati was once a highly-respected authority on blogs and commanded a powerful presence on the net...

In May of 2009 I wrote "Technorati to bloggers: bend over" ::: "I'm beginning to wonder if Technorati is worth the bother. I logged in to edit a few details and apparently ended up losing my blog listings and status. The following was displayed to me full-screen in big bold text..."

Now, it's Blogger telling us to "bend over"!!!! Will the fate Technorati met befall Google? Remember the time-tested old saying "the bigger they are the harder they fall"... Find out what happened to Technorati by reading "Technorati's Stategic Blunder" which details the one wrong move that wiped out T'rati's credibility across the blogsophere!

So, let's go Black Ops - those of you who really love blogging but have been thrown for a curve by the shitty new blogger interface:

I have sampled offline editors in the past, with very poor results. Raven has been the exception. There is another offline editor I have yet to try. By the way I have my entire first blog (which Google deleted for no reason several years ago) kept in a file on my WinME's hard drive, thanks to another old program called HTTracker.

Keep in mind that the fact you have all of your blog posts saved locally is an advantage, but I’m afraid it’s a flaw at the same time. A situation in which your hard drive crashes and you lose all your posts is a possible scenario (but only when you don’t do any backups), so back up your important files to either a CD or a thumb drive... you could also trust (temporarily) a cloud file storage system to hold some copies of your stuff... but your best bet indeed to have CDs or DVDs that you can access and even re-populate the internet with should your blog be deleted for any reason.

I'm going to be looking into this guy hopefully before the end of the coming weekend:

Deepest Sender is a 300K !!! blogging client for Firefox. What does this mean? Well, it means that instead of having to go to the Update page on LiveJournal/WordPress/Blogger/whatever, or loading up a separate client program, all you have to do is hit Ctrl+\, or click the button in your toolbar, and you can start posting.

I'll have a full report for you when my testing is completed! Blog On!

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