Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hillary Clinton VS Andrew Cuomo

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There has been considerable chatter regarding Mrs. Clinton possibly making another Presidential run. After all, wasn't she a shoo-in until Barack Obama came outta left field?

It's always fun and interesting to sit back and observe how things (and people) spin around and work. I'm in my element right now. Just came in and enjoyed a hot showerafter a nice run. Got my two PCs and smartphone connected to the interwebs. Headphones plugged into Michael Savage on the AM radio. A lot of talk radio stations today brushed the topic of Hillary making another run... some of those stations also mulling over a possible Cuomo bid for the highest office in the land.

"What if" scenario...

Now the buzz has it that Hillary may have to step into the ring with Andrew Cuomo in four years. I think if today was then, we'd have a match. But this is NOW and that is WHEN.

(1) Who knows what may happen to Andrew between now and then? We've seen many a fall from grace among politicians. We've also seen people just decide they were done running for anything else. We've also seen some elected officials who are so delighted with their current positions they refuse to consider anything else.

(2) Hillary may have other aspirations. How about a lucrative speaking career (think Bill) and authoring a couple of books. Why just a couple? after all, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are fictional trilogies. Howzabout NON-fictional trilogies spanning Hillary's golden girl years in college and soonafter, her time as First Lady, and her recent experiences as Sec'y of State?

Shocker ::: Don't be surprised if NEITHER Andrew nor Hillary tosses a hat in the ring. But then again, besides Barack, who won't be eligible for a third term, there are no great luminaries in the Democartic party. Nobody but Andrew, The Clintons and maybe Rahm.

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Rahm paving path for 2016 prez bid

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So... what do YOU think about this? Comments are open below!
Meanwhile, on my to-do list ::: Break every single one of these rules.

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