Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Blogger Interface Problems

UPDATE APRIL 23 - Google takes no crap from you bloggers!

UPDATE April 21 - thank-you all for the many comments! Below I am answering a few right here on the main landing area, but first here's what others are saying about the new interface:

My Biased Coin: Living with New Interfaces

11 hours ago by Michael Mitzenmacher
Similarly, I'm being forced to write this post using the new blogger interface.
I suppose I'll be open-minded and try them, since Google is not
giving me a choice

Struggling With The New Blogger Interface - Rooksmoor's Tablets of ...

9 hours ago by Rooksmoor
Struggling With The New Blogger Interface.
When I came to write a new posting today I found that the blog
interface had changed and it has proven to be an utter nightmare.
Every five words or so the system backs up what I ...

Defence and Freedom: The new Blogger interface sucks

58 minutes ago by S O
The new blogger interface sucks; it just ate a completed blog post of mine.
Beware: Somehow the whole text was deleted and nothing happened
when I did hit CTRL+Z, then I saw the "Save" blink (automatic save)
and it was ..

Now here's my original post with update -

I noticed several hours after I uploaded my post that blogger changed the way the button works, so you can get back "old Blogger" for a session or for about one hour, whichever is longest.

@greengirlrunning : Once you log in, try typing after arriving at the new interface and that might get you back to where you need to be...

@AstroNerdBoy : I am wondering how much negative feedback they are getting - I have always said Google has a nasty reputation when it comes to fixing things that aren't broken.

Then again, maybe this is deliberate, to weed out and discourage blogger? Could that be? Anyone from Google could you comment please?

I woke up this morning with that new sluggish blogger interface shoved down my throat!

Well, I thought, if I could find a way to zap facebook's timeline... I could handle this!

UPDATE (10:30pm) The alleged "upgrade" has also crippled blogger's ability to read and publish posts that are "scheduled" - such posts must now be published manually.

I prefer the old, more compact, version of blogger's interface: here's why:

The opening interface looked like it was "buffering" the way a music video does on dialup. Hey, I'm on BroadBand!

It took much longer than usual than upload a post.

Trying to get an image up was a real bitch. The pictures just wouldn't stay centered as programmed.

The new interface seems to hate it when you're editing the template HTML.

And to add insult to injury, anyone doing blogger work on an iPad is SOL!

I'm going to "save the day" for you!

Here's how to go back to the old blogger interface:
  • Login to your Blogger account.
  • On the top right of the screen you will see Blogger Options. Click that, and from the dropdown, choose Old Blogger Interface.

  • And you will be back on solid blogging ground, redirected to the Old Reliable Blogger Interface.
Blog On! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave!

Those who use intense debate are pissed off too: "This update will unfortunately cause a major issue with our Blogger Widget installation, where the same post will show different sets of comments depending on which ccTLD your readers visit. " That's from the intense debate blog!

Max Journals said...

Thanks Dave. I put a link to this post on my blog so others may do this as well. Max

Dave Lucas said...

@Max - glad to be of assistance!


thanks for the info Dave

C.L.J. said...

Thanks for the tip about the old blogger dashboard!

I can't find a single improvement; it's simply made it much harder to blog by hiding the most common tools in a stupid drop-down menu. Why? To show me stuff I don't really need to know at that level.

And since my text field isn't the width of the window, why in world would I want an editor that's spread thinly across my entire screen?

This is a HUGE fail by Google.

Dave Lucas said...

@LOWONGON KERJA you're welcome!

@C.L.J. I hope they fix it!

Katty Kay said...

Takes the JOY out of blogging


Johnnny said...

For the record, I too hate the new blogger interface. Good things are often changed to the point where the new and improved version is worse than the original. After five fun years of blogging, I might just hang it up. Thanks, Johnnny

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I tried to familiarize myself, but it sucks. I have so many posts in draft... that I used to find with keywords. So I switched back to the old. Thanks!! I hope the old will stay though.

greengirlrunning said...

I blog from my ipad but with the new interface i can't see any content at all in drafts and when i switched to the old interface it completely changed my blog's template and took away all my gadgets. i got it back but still can't see content in my drafts/old posts. is there anyway around this?

AstroNerdBoy said...

I switch back to the old interface, and Blogger keeps forcing my butt back to the new after a certain amount of time. Its an hour or less. *_* Bloody Google/Blogger. They are so desperately trying to be hip, not functional.

atan g3a said...

i also facing problem when using new interface because i'm using samsung tablet.
1. i can't scroll down or up the page (dashboard)
2. i can't upload the picture
simply said, i cannot write any article when using this new interface..ahhhhhh!

Don said...

What a mess. I used to post from my iPhone, but now it loses paragraph breaks when the post posts up. Then, the edit function won't work.

Then, the design, dashboard and new post pages will not load on Internet explorer 8. (which means I can't get to the drop down to go back to the old version)

Everything works fine using my wife's Mac.

JoJo said...

I HATE the new blogger interface! It's so cumbersome and not at all intuitive! Nothing posts as scheduled at all. I'm so frustrated. >:(

Dave Lucas said...

Check this out everyone!

NadiaMac said...

Adding to the chorus here, but I too am intensely frustrated with the new interface. I can't edit posts on my ipad2- when I open them in the new interface, the text box is blank. Is this some sort of deliberate incompatability with the ipad? Also, the interface is not intuitive.

dawn said...

You have saved my life (well, that could be an exaggeration) -- the new blogger interface doesn't fit on my 9" netbook screen - so even if it worked well, I wouldn't be able to see it all to even know - an no scrollbars, I scroll down and navigation/function buttons disappear under some other fixed frame. I gave them this feedback before they made the move but I guess they don't care about us mini-users. So thank you thank you thank you!

Carmen said...

SWEET BABY JESUS THANK YOU. I could not for the life of me find out how to work anything on the *new interface.* Thanks for pointing out how to get back to the good stuff.

Walt Whiteman said...

The option to revert to the old interface no longer appears (as of September 19th, for me). Does anyone know how to switch back? I'm afraid they've made it permanent so you can't escape the new "improved" version.

Dave Lucas said...

@Walt Whiteman ::: I think they have disabled the old 'face permanently - you might try reading my posts about using Raven or Deepest Sender instead of the new 'face.

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