Friday, April 13, 2012

New Communicator: Blackberry 8530

Photo images on the BlackBerry are just as good as the Kyocera, although the pictures come out darker. I sometimes have to use photoediting software to lighten them up. The Kyocera also highlighted the colour blue for some reason.

I'm learning to love my replacement cellphone! After a couple of minor incidents involving my trusty ol' Kyocera Wild Card cellphone (Technical issues which I suspect are due to the unit having become too to be properly supported by the carrier system*) I decided I needed to upgrade...

I wanted to stay on the Virgin Mobile network so I chose the recently discontinued Blackberry 8530:
  • It has a keyboard, which I prefer over a touchscreen.
  • BB's have the capability of pushing email to the phone.
  • It has wi-fi and access to the BB apps store.
  • It can record and playback mp3 and video.
  • It is built for social media participation.
I was on VM's $30 a month 1500 minutes 1000 texts plan. For months, I've come in under 300 minutes talk time for each billing cycle, so I opted for the $35 talk-text-data plan. Now I have a phone that doubles as a tool that will assist me in my work as a broadcast journalist. I'm also moving all of my Fly Ying Chinaphone stuff over to the BB. Heck, I even have KINDLE on the BB! The only thing I'm going to miss is the built-in FM radio on the Chinaphone, but I'll live with that (or at least try to).

So I got the little guy in the mail, and put him into service at the end of the monthly cycle.

(Among apps I have already installed: Google Voice, sina weibo, twitter and KINDLE! They work great!)

* issues include - I went a whole month without being able to receive text messages. I could send 'em just fine. Many many calls to tech support before the issue was resolved with what the guy in India called a 'server reset' - and suddenly the phone would go through violent episodes of turning itself off an on, centered around the days before and after the 'new month' of service ended/began
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1 comment:

Beng Gee said...

Nice phone! The right gadget if you need to be online wherever you are. I wish I could have one of that kind too.

Btw, Thank you for the helpful advise Mr Dave! Hopefully, my blog will pick up the pieces soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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