Monday, April 23, 2012

The Old Blogger Interface Will Be Removed

Wow - Google being extra mean about this - you WILL be force-fed a new interface, like it or not!

Maybe finally it's time to download your complete blog and move it elsewhere?
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aria said...

I don't like its new interface. too many features shown, puzzled me. I like the old interface, quite simple and to the point.

Pseudo3D said...

I agree that it sucks. I like my old Blogger interface, and the new one is too bloated and strange. I probably won't want to return to my blogs if that happens.

Yowp said...

I've found I have to go through a bunch of extra steps to do things that were simple before. I also have to manually type in HTML code for margin settings and titles I give my graphic files don't show up in preview. I also have to add a line of code if I want to go back to the default font in mid-post. It also dumps uploaded graphic files arbitrarily in mid post, even in the middle of a word, regardless of where the cursor is.

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