Wednesday, April 25, 2012

People Magazine Says Beyoncé is the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’

To the left, to the left!

Kudos Ms. B!

Hey Beyoncé!

Aside: Hmmm... What's beauty can be stuck on oneself, it seems!

The glue is pulling that wig to the left!
(Check out the wrinkles near her right eye)...
[bigger photo]

(To the left, Beyoncé BEFORE and AFTER)

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Eulalia said...

I love Beyonce. She is sexy, cool and superbly talented. I feel great that people have considered her the world’s most beautiful woman. Congratulations, Beyonce.

Betty said...

This has to come one day. Beyonce deserved this. She is beautiful and sexy and knows how to carry herself. I love Beyonce.

MONICA said...

Beyonce has great sense of style and knows how to be in the news. She is very popular amongst the younger generation. These people consider her beautiful and their love and admiration has won her this title.

Brittany Duffy said...

I don't know why people must decide on a "most beautiful woman in the world", Doesn't everyone have their own taste in who is beautiful? Sure she is pretty, but what about the Victoria's Secret models? What about playboy models? So many people would differ with this I think because there are too many beautiful women in the world. Also, this really makes average girls feel crummy about themselves. So listen girls, Beyonce may be pretty but what does she look like without all the lighting and her makeup? And how does she act when she isn't in front of cameras? Does she order people around? Does she think others are beneath her? Think about it :).

siwanta thapaa said...

o please Beyonce is the most beautiful woman she is thousand times more pettier than Victoria's Secret or the Playboy models her graceful smile, her bootylicious and curvaceous hourglass figure, and everything about her is charming, hot and sexy . those other models or girls are all fake they are a bunch of plastic dolls. what does makeup do anyway even without her eyes are the same, her nose is the same only her skin tone is different and anyway i like dark what if she orders people around everyone would if they were her, they would carry a lot more attitude than her, she is kind can't expect her to be a goddess do you.I am a boy and she is my greatest role're just simply jealous.

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