Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free Facebook email address! My new eBook is available!

Thousands of you downloaded my first offering... I've got GREAT NEWS for you! My Follow-up eBook is HERE!

I know how much you enjoyed my first eBook - now here's a chance for you to get my latest eBook - "BLOG ON!" - in PRE-RELEASE form! (I call it a "pre-book"!)

Think of it! You'll get tips and techniques targeted to work NOW - during the Summer of 2012!

This isn't some reconstituted garbage that only applied to blogs back in 2003!

The best time to have this gameplan at your fingertips is NOW!

So how do you get it?

I thought you'd never ask!

  1. Look on the right sidebar of this blog for the "donate" button.
  2. Click on "donate" to get to my paypal site.
  3. $3.33 is the amount you need to send.
  4. When I see that amount, I know it's for the prebook!

What kind of material is in it? Stuff you can use! Stuff like this:

You've Got (facebook) MAIL!

Are you on facebook?

Did you know you have a email address?

Here's the real deal:

  • Go to to view or set your public username
  • Access your profile at :
  • Your Facebook email ID is:
  • Click on the messages tab or go to to access all un-archived messages, (You can also send a new message to ANYONE with a valid email address: they don't need to have a Facebook account!)
  • Click the New Message button and enter the email ID to send an email using your email ID.
  • You can add attachments including photos, videos, text and word documents etc. just like "regular" email!
Now, how do ya like that!

...and while you're facebooking, please feel free to share a few other choice "secrets":
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What's that? You prefer twitter? Think it's great? Okay, these are for you!
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1 comment:

ceb said...

What would happen if you quit Twitter for 7 days? What would change? What would you learn about yourself? I know that, for me, I learned a lot.

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