Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Springtime Blog Clean-up Do's and Don'ts

Friends, I have nothing personal against author/blogger melcrossman3, who recently wrote an article that appears elsewhere as a "guest post". But I feel it is my sworn duty to steer you away from blog-nonsense!

mc3's very-clever "guest-post" hyperlinks readers to a veriety of services, perhaps with which she is affiliated and earns commission or other revenue based on referrals?

Nevertheless... let us sift thru the "advice" - but before we do, I would like to quote blogger Lance Haun from his excellent piece entitled "Why I Stopped Taking Guest Posts" ::: "Since Google’s “Penguin” update, they’ve killed low quality writing with an irrelevant link back to your site. There’s no going back, either."

(1) Domain
I will ensure the continued registration of my brand’s domain name, and if I don’t have an exclusive domain name, I’ll secure one within the next week. ~ mc3

WRONG! Unless you are a niche "powerblogger" or famous person, you don't need this! Come to think of it, one woman who has been in the Blogosphere's Top 20 since 2005 is STILL blogging happy and healthy on the blog*spot platform!

I will consult with a qualified professional to guide the installation of one or more metric tools for monitoring my blog’s impact by the end of the second week from beginning my plan. ~ mc3

Again, keeping in mind this is really an advert for another site, most bloggers worth thier salt have already been doing this. 'Nuff said about that!

melcrossman3 actually offers meaningful advice for bloggers trying to earn a little part-time income via blogging here:

I will identify the specific landing pages or marketing tools to which readers are led by my blog within three weeks from my start date. One of the main goals of having good metrics is to follow your blog’s traffic to subsequent pages and tools. You can have great content on your blog, but if you don’t move your readers from the blog into a sales stream, then you don’t have a useful purpose for having a blog. ~ mc3

I find the next two pieces of melcrossman3's advice most peculiar, because all the blogging guru-types are beating very loud drums about keeping your template "clean"

mc3 goes from a real nugget of advice in "Purpose" to a dangerous clunker in "Multimedia":

(4) Multimedia
I will add videos and graphics to my regular mix of content by no later than the beginning of the fifth week. ~ mc3

There is no quicker way to kill a blog (and get banned from certain affiliate programs and ad services) than to feature or otherwise present videos on the landing page. Videos from youtube, dailymotion, NBC news, etc. are OK in a post, but NOT as a component of a blog template!

(5)Swap Meet
I will identify and add to my blog roll at least ten quality, complementary blogs within two weeks of adding multimedia to my blog. "The previous goals having been accomplished very early on, now is the time to organize information you probably already have. Look through your bookmarked blog pages from related companies, though not direct competitors, and list those sites on your blog’s roll..." ~ mc3

The blog gurus are advising against linking to other blogs, but I am compelled to side WITH melcrossman3 on this one!

I added the next item in "comments" - but my "comment is awaiting moderation" at this time, so who knows if it will see the light of day or not? Here it is:

(6) Pop Ups
I will spare my readers the ill-mannered intrusions of popups/popovers (like the black transparent one that appears on this blog, despite any claim that it only does so once) and banish them from my blog once and for all.

And here are a few additional suggestions of my own

(7) Guest Posting
Be careful! Do not allow any guest post on your own blog without thoroughly checking for text and image copyright violations, and for duplicates of the same post on other blogs.

Inform guest-post submitters that
  • -their guest-post becomes YOUR property
  • - you reserve the right to edit all content
  • - you reserve the right to replace any image they send to accompany the post with one of your own choosing
Then, edit the crap out of their post so if it is stolen, it will never be detected. Create an original image by whatever means you are able to accompany / enhance the guest post.
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