Friday, May 25, 2012

When newspapers become the news...

Hey look!

The Albany Times Union gets "covered" by the New York Times!
(Hmmm... wonder if this is why Albany Mayor Jery Jennings cancelled today's weekly radio show?)

While Albany makes for a good regional story, the national media spotlight is cast upon the New Orleans hometown paper as it joins others in cutting back from publishing daily to just 3 days a week!

I guess we should expect that to happen. The newspapers follow the music industry and the post office as victims of emerging technology.
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jdk775 said...

Check out this!
"One of the New York Times reporters, Bill Rashbaum, is noted as having the best contacts deep within the US Department of Justice, the very best in the United States. Something else to consider: Nick Confessore, another reporter, was pulled off the Obama-Romney race to assist in this piece. The New York Times just doesn't assign three heavily-tasked Pulitzer winning reporters--Danny Hakim is the third--to some two-bit Asian prostitute bust that's somehow related to some editor from some Upstate New York newspaper maybe because of some beef he's got with the local cops. "

Anonymous said...

Jennings had surgery on his knee.
He sure timed it right didn't he!

Anonymous said...

The mayor had a knee replaced. That's all.

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