Friday, June 29, 2012

Intelligent Infinite Botts Part Two

Liane Membis #limembo ::: Liberette?

"Liane was a liar, Liane was a fake, Liane came to my website, stole all she could take"

"According to related reporting, Ms. Membis will be in a national-level beauty pagent later this year. Guess I am wondering what she'll roll out in the talent competition."

"For every infraction someone is held accountable for, there are probably 100 that won't even be discovered..." A police chief once told me that during a radio interview. There's more to the Liane "lazy" Membis story than meets than eye, I'm sure, and here is one more bit of evidence. This came from someone who was searching or browsed by my blog, someone whose attention was attracted to or drawn by the appearance of the word and website "Liberette" which was the brainchild of disgraced journalist Liane Membis.

I received this comment on my recent post about Ms. Membis:
"Hello, We established our online sexy clothing shop in 2005. Liberette stands for being a Free-Woman who wears, thinks and does what ever she wants, Our customers and models often call themselves "Liberette's". These two central ideas have been stolen by Liane Membis and her To a true Liberette it certainly does not matter what colour of your skin you are, hence "Love Sees No Colour". It was bad enough having our concept ripped off by Liane Membis, but what really hurts is that it has basically been ripped off by a light fingered, politically correct, box ticking racist. Thank You Libbyx The Liberette Liberette Glamour Fashions"

My guess is that Ms. Membis didn't think anyone would notice her lifting anything from a UK website that most folks in her niche wouldn't be likely to bump into. A lot of young people growing up as part of the internet subculture have learned that “borrowing” is okay… it began as “sampling” of tunes by hiphop artists… and look how Nicki Minaj hijacked the “Barbie” franchise but nevertheless ended up in the good graces of toymaker Mattel!

And look at blogs – just lifting random copy and images from here and there. I wonder if Ms. Membis realized where she heading when she began enhancing her articles with ficticious information. At least she didn’t plagiarize anything we know of…

Below are screengrabs from each liberette website. Your comments and questions or any observations are most welcome here!

This Is Real Blogging

If you have any spare time this evening or over the weekend, I urge you to read this post Sabrina wrote on her blog. (Mouseover the image and click!)

Sabrina's presentation is wonderful in that it represents everything a blog really is supposed to be - a true weblog, if ever there was one! Sabrina, thanks so much for sharing your experiences! And if you readers know of any other blogs cut to the cloth of what blogging originally started out to be, let me know!

Newspaper Paywalls

This screen capture from the Albany Times-Union today says it all, when it comes down to newspapers implementing "pay walls"!

Would YOU pay for digital newspaper material?

The headline screamed: "Redesigned Chicago Tribune website to wall off some content" and the sub-head proclaimed "Users will need to become digital members to see some stories from newspaper" as the Chicago Tribune made the bold announcement online that "Registration soon will be required to access premium features such as columnists, reviews, in-depth and investigative reporting and new content from outside news sources..." FOR NOW, everything is free (but all bets are off for the future): "Visitors who choose not to register will still have unlimited access to basic content, which includes breaking news, photos and videos." » more

LinkedIn blocks Twitter auto-feeds

An indicator of things to come? LinkedIn notified members that "Starting today Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn.

We know that sharing updates from LinkedIn to Twitter is a valuable service for our members. Moving forward, you will still be able to share updates with your Twitter audience by posting them on LinkedIn."

You can still share updates on both LinkedIn and Twitter!
  • Simply start your conversation on LinkedIn.
  • Compose your update
  • Check the box with the Twitter icon, and click “Share.”

This procedure will automatically push your update to both your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers just as before.

What changes can I expect to see on LinkedIn? Any conversation you start on Twitter will no longer be automatically shared with your LinkedIn network, even if you synced your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts."

I sense something bigger coming!

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One For The Calendar

Thursday, June 28, 2012

#Warrior hashtag will now appear on some of my tweets

I have recently sent out some tweets that begin with the header "WARRIOR" - these are links to news stories about people who have risen above the common sheeple. Like the fellow who jumped on subway tracks to save a baby despite an approaching train - and - the girl who overcame the odds and recovered from flesh-eating disease giving up a few body parts along the way. Special, amazing people, who deserve to be known for who and what they are - WARRIORS!

Henceforth, any tweets I send out with the #Warrior hashtag will link to news about special, amazing people.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Liberette's Liane Membis #limembo ::: Burning Bridges

"I was once a tomboy who grew into a mini-diva. Kind of like a butterfly blossoming from its cocoon." ~ Liane Membis

An aspiring journalist has been busted for faking sources. Liane Membis has been busy trying to scrub herself off the interwebs - her is gone ... as is her twitter account, which was Lili (@limembo) "a wordsmith with a heart for social change. Words fly frequent miles. Always doc 'em. 2011-12 Miss Black America ..."

Did Membis consume too much Nutella? She admits to being obsessed with the stuff. Or maybe she was inspired by the great black female hoaxer Janet Cooke, who won a Pulitzer Prize for a story she fabricated!

Will she come clean and "confess" in her online magazine? After all, she is the Creator and Editorial Director of Liberette.

Hopefully, Liberette is making some dough: Membis is no longer working at The Wall Street Journal." As always in these cases, it happened more than once.

"Liane Membis was an intern for the Journal for less than three weeks and wrote or contributed to five published pieces — one of which has been removed from our online archives and two of which have been edited to remove quotes that were provided by the intern and that cannot be confirmed," a spokesperson told Politico. The two other articles can be see here and here, both alerting readers that quotes were "attributed to names that couldn’t be independently verified."

All of Membis' body of works is now hanging in the balance. Membis has also written articles for the Huffington Post, CNN, and Ebony.

The lazy Membis isn't a lone-phoney: Poynter reports that "Paresh Jha, an award-winning reporter for Hearst Newspapers’ New Canaan News in Connecticut, has been fired for fabricating sources and quotes in at least 25 stories over the nearly two years he worked at the weekly."

Wall Street Journal Gets Jayson Blair'd By Intern

The Future And The Darkness

The components to create artificial life in man's own image now exist. The human genome has been mapped. The world is chock full o'possibilities.

If Gabriel is still alive somewhere in the stars, the ArkAngel may decide to return to Earth to finish humans off, or at least set the clock back a couple of thousand years. Speculation? Admittedly so. But unlike Arnold, Gabriel hasn't been quoted as saying "I'll be back."

If someone somewhere is busy distilling information gathered from The Dream Factory and then feeds it into a computer network or system along with nanotechnology (Nanobioscience as it is being developed at CNSE in Albany NY) , robotics and Hawking's brain... we are at the gates of the first "terminator" movie, where machines become self-aware. Think of that computer that appeared as a contestant on "Jeopardy" - pumped on steroids and high on bath salts. Invincible.

GOOGLE teaching computers to mimic human brain...

Unveils 'smart' glasses...

...fitted with sensors, speakers, cameras, wireless connections

The image of the cat below (from the NYT article by John Markoff) is not found on the internet. It is the image that emerged in the mind of the AI. This is what Google's neural network "thinks" it "saw."

The research mentioned in this abstract will be presented later this week. It is more than a simulation life as the kind existing in "The Matrix." It is real and it is now..

The neural network taught itself to recognize cats, which is actually no frivolous activity. This week the researchers will present the results of their work at a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Google scientists and programmers will note that while it is hardly news that the Internet is full of cat videos, the simulation nevertheless surprised them. ~ The New York Times

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Restore your email address in Facebook

Hate the fact facebook deleted your email addy? I'm not surprised. Everything the Social Network does these days is pushing it farther away from users. Only a matter of time before alienation sets in!

Get your email address back! Simply reset your profile. Facebook didn't delete your old email addresses. (Not this time, anyway!)

  • Click on the "about" section of your profile.
  • Once there, look for "Contact Info"
  • Click on the edit icon on its right hand corner.
  • Change who can see your email address and which email addresses they can see.

You should also read:
Facebook on Tuesday morning announced that it has pulled its new “Find Friends Nearby” feature. The company called the release of the option a “test” but...
...and... read why people think facebook beats having sex!

Digital Crack! Facebook Better Than SEX!

Last week I told you how pathetic you are, acting as if twitter were a life-support device you couldn't exist without. Now comes word that you Sheeples are more likely to enjoy posting a line or two on facebook than engaging in sex. One facebooker likened it to "pleasuring yourself without the mess." Indeed!

This will help with
(1) Stopping the spread of HIV/Aids
(2) Family Planning
(3) Chinese efforts at population control - of course Sina could create it's own version - PeoplesBook!

Furthermore, all sexual deviants and rapists should be issued state-owned laptops that can only access facebook, as a deterrent to anti-social crime! It's wonderful!

Get the masses distracted, involved and off-guard has always been part of military strategy for Trojan Horse events, coups and government takeovers. Like that car accident you never saw coming.

THE STUDY ::: Diana Tamir and Jason Mitchell of Harvard’s Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab conducted the study and recently published a report showing that people find it rewarding to talk about themselves, especially if others are listening, (Well, D'oh!) The paper concludes "self disclosure" produces a response in the region of the brain associated with dopamine, the main chemical associated with pleasure or the anticipation of a reward.

Tamir & Mitchell say most folks devote 30 to 40 percent of their everyday speech to "informing others of their own subjective experiences" but put that on social media, and they devote nearly 80 percent!

The study was published last month in an edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pop Clips » 25 June 12

Tracking the performance of Mohammed #Morsi (Egypt's newly elected president):

Just An Egyptian discusses his problem with Sharia - Islamic law - in this post.

The feminist coalition Coordinadora Paz para la Mujer has convened people to send contributions (in Spanish) for the next edition of their magazine, which will be dedicated to cyberactivism and feminism. Deadline is July 16, 2012.

Before we continue, here's a lovely song where Norah Jones contemplates murdering some gal named Miriam - I wonder why, and you'd better hope you never get this high on anyone else's s**t list!

Wind Turbines and Ghost Stories: The Effects of Infrasound on the Human Auditory System
Just tonight, when the wind kicks up outside the house it makes an eerie "ghostly" sound: a visitor was a little frightened when she heard it, addressing it as "an evil demon." Check out this abstract: Climate change and fossil fuel depletion have pushed many countries to seek and invest in alternative clean energy sources, such as wind energy. By converting kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical or electrical energy, wind farms in California, for example, power nearly 850,000 households each year, while producing negligible green house gases and contributing little to water pollution. Nevertheless, several ecological and environmental concerns remain. High levels of infrasound and low frequency sounds generated by wind turbines pose . . . Complete story »
E-mail story | Print story | Tweet it

Genetic Engineers Explain Why GE Food Is Dangerous

I've always been fascinated with plants and genetic engineering. This is an interesting little Op-Ed: “Research studies show that genetically modified crops have harmful effects on laboratory animals in feeding trials and on the environment during cultivation,” Antoniou said. “They have increased the use of pesticides and have failed to increase yields. Our report concludes that there are safer and more effective alternatives to meeting the world’s food needs.”

The View From My Workdesk

Last week I prepared a radio story based on the Atlantic article "Can Google Predict the Impact of Racism on a Presidential Election?" Maybe because my report ran near the end of the 6pm Friday newscast (and maybe just because it aired on a late, late summer Friday afternoon), I didn't get the feedback I would have expected. One of the gentlemen I interviewed is very active on facebook and usually gets good response to items he posts on the social network: no one commented on the article or on what he had to say.

I guess everyone was exhausted after a week of work and commuting and what-have-you. It's an interesting and important story, certainly worthy of 3 minutes of your time!

* * *

Then there was a story I worked on and it turned out to be one of those that just never made it to broadcast: a piece about the dust-up between the Daily Freeman and the Poughkeepsie Journal over the Journal lifting text from the Freeman without attribution. That one played out the weekend of June 9-10... funny how last week plagiarization reared its ugly head once again on a national scale...

* * *

Last but not least there's the Tuesday primary election: thanks to redistricting, Dutchess County Democratic Legislator Joel Tyner is running against fellow dem Julian Schreibman for a district seat that Chris Gibson (R-Kinderhook) currently represents. The demographic in the new district is slightly more Democratic than the 20th District that Gibson won from Democrat Scott Murphy in the Republican landslide of 2010.

Covering the race has been interesting, to say the least!

How to Throw a Summer Costume Party

The weather is getting hot and its time to let loose!

It's time to throw the ultimate summer costume party. You might think a costume party sounds silly, why not just throw a regular party? Well its just not as fun. Be creative and give your friends something to look forward to. Here's how to throw that perfect summer costume party that will have everyone talking.

First, choose a theme. Yeah you can leave it open, but having everyone dress to theme will be amusing and will make it easier to decorate. Having a hard time thinking of a theme? Here are a few of our favorites.

Pirate Themed- Have the girls throw on some corsets and the men some ripped up shorts. Dressing up as pirate can be fun, and you can have you drink of choice be rum, argh.

Rave Themed
- Bright colors are the newest fashion. So this theme will be easy to dress for. Tutus, bright colors, fishnets and crazy colored hair all fit into this theme. Make some crazy colored punch and your guests will be having a great time.

Rock Themed- Have everyone get their punk on by dressing up as 80s rock stars. This can be fun and easy as well. Get some mullets, fishnets, fake guitars and crazy face makeup and you'll be able to pass as a rock star in no time. You can find these accessories at almost any costume shops in Las Vegas.

Fantasy Themed- Give all your guests the chance to dress up as the princesses they've always wanted to. Fantasy can have a wide array of costumes, it will be interesting to see what your guests come up with. Everything from unicorns, to fairies, to princesses can be incorporated here.

Those are just a few fun themes to sift through when trying to put together the perfect summer costume party. After you choose your theme, you just need the right decorations, venue, and drinks. Start planning your summer costume party and give your friends and family something to look forward to.

Most Popular Destinations on

Ever get curious and check to see why readers have arrived on your blog or website? As they say, "inquiring minds want to know!" A rare happenstance today: some of the most-searched for terms and landing pages on my humble weblog appeared in a mini-cluster on my stats: there are two or three missing, notably "gia carangi death photos" and "xiaxue dawn yang" and probably another one or two... have a look...

#MusicMonday ::: Seawind

"Imagine" by Seawind appeared on the group's third album, "Light the Light."
Here's another Seawind favourite that received a lot of radio play in the early 1980s...

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Remember this?

If guns are legal, the bad guys don't know WHO might be carrying them! If these poor kids lived in some other state they might be dead today...

  1. 14 Year-Old Arizona Boy Babysitter Shoots Armed Home Intruder
    1 day ago – Sounds like the perp may have learned something, too.
    First, a woman knocked at the door. The boy didn't recognize her,
    so he didn't open it.
  2. 14-year-old shoots, injures home intruder - FOX 10 News - Phoenix
    1 day ago – FOX 10 News - Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV14-year-old shoots,
    injures homeintruder.

Consumer Review ::: OKABASHI sandals

This is really frustrating ... I wouldn't have written this, but for the 3rd time in two years, Okabashi sandals haven't lasted more than a month or two without ripping!

Need summer sandals? Head to the dollar store , and for a price of Okabahi's you can buy TEN pair! If they break who cares! You'll have another pair - keep extras in your car, at the house, at work and in your bag or pack! Oh, you won't have the arch support and massage, but those little features get costly to replace at $9.99 a month!

I used to love my Okabashi's - but something has changed! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY?

For several years, I've bought a new pair of men's XL Okabashi sandals around Memorial Day. Most pairs I would wear for two years, and then replace 'em! HOWEVER, the last two years, they haven't lasted very long at all. A new pair I just bought this Memorial Day is already ripping:I was able to patch last year's model (which came apart in a different spot) with staples and Gorilla Glue, (they look like crap), but at least I can wear them around the yard! I only bought these because the style I regularly buy (like the ones in the picture above) were not available.
I wondered if Okabashi is using cheaper materials or manufacturing the sandals somewhere else? I went to their website. It crashed. "Unresponsive Pages" said the little graphic! I tried to call their toll-free number. It rings once and then I get a busy signal. What a shame!

define plagiarism

The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. (But seems to be okay in some circles, and for certain peeps!)

via Pogomix shows you how to mashup TV and movie clips into music

Pogo Nick Berke

Nick Berke of Pogomix has decided to share his method of ripping sounds from movies and TV shows and blending them together to create "mashup" remixes. Berke's process involves extracting audio samples from various media using Adobe Audition, then adding them to an arrangement in Ableton...

OK for Berke, but apparently NOT for Jonah Lehrer...

Thou shalt not steal from thyself.
I would imagine it is difficult to be fresh and new and entertaining 24/7.
There's probably more intellectual "recycling" going on than we realize!

"If we could download his consciousness and pour it into a paper cup, what great (if any) knowledge or style might we distill?" ~ Dave Lucas

Follow-up to Source Blogger's "Putting Away Childish Things: Digg, Alexa Toolbar, Blog Catalog, Entrecard, and CMF Ads"

Hey look! It's Source Blogger!

Before we get into this, please let me add two 2012 "childish things" currently appearing in the blogosphere:

(1) Blog designs using OVERLY LARGE PRINT with very little in the sidebar. This screams to me that the blogger thinks I am stupid and I can only read on a second or third grade level. AVOID these blogs designed for simple minds. Many of them are run by GURUS.

(2) Blogs by/for the "ALL-KNOWING GURU" (Who really wants to sell you something)

You've seen these blogs. Your blog sucks and they'll fix it for you! You are attracted maybe via a link on twitter that takes you to blog that redirects you to a post that ends up with a link where you are ambushed with a popup asking you to buy an ebook or PDF or download yet another idiotic plugin.

I recently revisited an old post by sourceblogger that I had bookmarked.

Here is a link to his FEED...

I'm not linking to his actual blog post here (sorry, sourcey!), because you'll get annoying popups and popovers if you try to read it. Popups can be a rude, major in-your-face annoyance, especially for those of you (and I know there are many) dealing with dial-up connections or third-world internet providers.

In the article entitled "Putting Away Childish Things: Digg, Alexa Toolbar, Blog Catalog, Entrecard, and CMF Ads" published April 7, 2011 (a little more than a year ago), sourceblogger walks readers thorugh arguments why each of these services should be cast aside.

Digg: "When Digg changed its parameters to only display your content to the people who followed you on Digg, you suddenly realized that the potential to reach a large audience was reduced to the 15-20 followers you had prior to the change."

I rarely use Digg anymore. During Fall 2011 I had good luck with StumbleUpon, but even that seems "dead" nowadays.

Alexa Toolbar: Like many others, sourceblogger is anti-Alexa. I still have the link to it in my sidebar and I check it every now and then. Don't pay it much mind, though!

Blog Catalog: sourceblogger sees this one as some sort of hostile clique just like the old CMF ads: which is now defunct (Adgitize was about the same - and sourceblogger includes 'em in his "roundup whammy") --- here's another excerpt: "When you begin hearing stories of people spending hours and hours visiting other blogs in the Entrecard, CMF Ads, Adgitize network, it becomes a very unhealthy, obsessive environment… one that I wish to separate myself from. Especially when it is marketed as '“blog advertising'."

I am still using Entrecard. Not on an obsessive basis (I only make a "drop" if I happen to be on a blog with a widget), but as an additional service for exposure and as an advertising tool, EC works!

BlogEngage: was not included in sourceblogger's list - it's a good outfit but my pickin' bone is all the phoney baloney "liking" and "tweeting" which (sadly) results in spamming as BlogEngage has bloggers jumping thru hoops and stepping on one another to win cash prizes. Money is nice, but not at that price (oh, and, some of the "rules" imposed are just too darned detailed for a busy guy like me - leav it to the work-at-home people, the unemployed and the folsk with too much time on their hands to beat themselves to death for a few bucks!)

Pinterest: wasn't "big time" yet - jury is still out on that one

LinkedIn: Sourceblogger mentioned he was about to add a LinkedIn badge

twitter: has loser-bloggers addicted

"facebook comments" : will come to bite whatever blog employs them in the ass later on down the road (mark my words on that!) Third-party commenting systems are never a wise choice.

And beware of "new" stuff... wait until the dust settles! Brings Social Living To Communities [NOT]

An outfit going by the moniker is saturating the net with an infographic that is being blogged and re-blogged...

Here's the BS the InfoGraphic is spreading, as told by the blogger sheeple: "It’s easy to argue that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have robbed us of “community.” Gone are the days when people sit on their front porch and wave as the neighbors go by. Instead people answer friend requests and talk to people all over the country.

Attempting to fix the issue of “community” is, a newer social network that allows neighbors to learn each others names, share advice such as the names of good babysitters and landscapers and even protect a community by posting about break-ins and other issues of nuisance."

Of course, that's total CRAP!

A lot of people would rather NOT associate or interact with their physical/geographic neighbors.

The old school "sit on the stoop" or "front porch" community began to disappear during the 1980s when kids would sit for hours and hours in front of ataris and nintendos... those kids are today's young adults, sitting inside right now, reading this.

Of course, the Sheeple, at least some of them, will embrace NextDoor just because someone sent them an infographic about it.

Little wonder some depend on twitter and use it as a life-support device!

WordPress Still Sucks, No Matter What You Say...

...and so do most of the third-party commenting systems, but that's a tale for another post.

I try to leave intelligent comments on blog posts. I don't mind "going through security" but I encounter this shitty (for you the blog owner) scenario ON A DAILY BASIS:

(1) I tried to leave a comment on a blog

(2) The screen below displayed when I hit submit... but there is nowhere on the blog to go to comply with the request. Thus, the blog in question loses
(C) Any chance I will recommend the blog or link to it.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Peru ::: Amazonian Indigenous Communities Protest Against Oil Pollution

Read this post.

The announcement that hydrocarbon reserves currently used for oil drilling will be put up for auction has put the people of the indigenous communities of the Pastaza river, in the Peruvian Amazon, on alert. For years, these indigenous communities have been condemning the effects of pollution on their ancestral lands and on themselves.

Canada ::: Major Oil Spills in Alberta Prompt Questions and Concerns About Keystone XL Pipeline

Matt Kasper, News Report: TransCanada’s own analysis shows that the Keystone XL pipeline would have 11 “significant spills”over its 50-year lifecycle, while an independent study estimated that there could be as many as 91 spills. The first leg of the Keystone pipeline even suffered 12 spills in 2010 – a record for a pipeline’s first year in operation.

USA ::: Is Barack Obama Morphing into Dick Cheney?

Michael T. Klare, Op-Ed: When it comes to the pursuit of enhanced energy independence, Obama has embraced the ultra-nationalistic orientation of the 2001 Cheney report, with its call for increased reliance on domestic and Western Hemisphere oil and natural gas -- no matter the dangers of drilling in environmentally fragile offshore areas or the use of hazardous techniques like hydro-fracking.


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the alumni of the Governor Mario Cuomo Administration today presented Governor Mario M. Cuomo with a surprise birthday gift: an oil-on-canvas portrait which will be displayed in the Hall of Governors located in the State Capitol. Photos of the portrait will be available at

"The collection of gubernatorial portraits in the Hall of Governors recognizes the extraordinary public servants that have changed the course of our state and nation during their lifetimes," Governor Cuomo said. "Today is a particularly special day for me, as I have the privilege of unveiling the official portrait of a man who not only has served New York State for many years including twelve as governor, but a father who also instilled in me the value of public service. I am pleased that this portrait will now be in the Hall of Governors and available to the many New Yorkers who visit to learn the story of our state's history."

The portrait of New York's 52nd governor was painted by Simmie Knox, a nationally-recognized portraiture artist whose works include the official White House portraits of President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton, as well as U.S. Supreme Court Justices Thurgood Marshall and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Mr. Knox has been commissioned by private individuals, organizations, and institutions and has also painted portraits of a U.S. cabinet member, U.S. congressmen and state senators, a mayor of New York City, respected civic leaders, sports figures, entertainment celebrities, educators, judges, religious leaders, military officers, businessmen, and private individuals.

The portrait was done with oil paint on oil-primed linen. Mr. Knox based the portrait on a 1989 photograph of Governor Mario Cuomo taken by Don Pollard. It was commissioned in early 2012 by the Friends of Mario M. Cuomo.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Jonah Lehrer, Digital Warrior (A Tribute)

Thou shalt not steal from thyself.
I would imagine it is difficult to be fresh and new and entertaining 24/7.
There's probably more intellectual "recycling" going on than we realize!

If we could download his consciousness and pour it into a paper cup, what great (if any) knowledge or style might we distill?

Or do we need to run it through a centrifuge?

Talk about being UNDER PRESSURE!
On Tuesday morning, blogging media reporter Jim Romenesko observed that the opening paragraphs of Jonah Lehrer’s mid-June post to his New Yorker blog, Frontal Cortex, had previously made an appearance in an October op-ed Lehrer wrote for the Wall Street Journal. By midday, a reporter at New York magazine’s Daily Intel blog spotted additional repurposed articles — Come Wednesday morning, blogger Ed Champion compiled an incredibly long list of repurposed material in Lehrer’s books and articles...

Basic Re-telling 101

Jonah Lehrer's repurposing his own material has rubbed mainstream media and bloggers the wrong way - The Atlantic calling it "the seeds of lazy journalism" - but is it really such a big deal - and - why now - why Lehrer?

This is one of those bellwhether moments when a standard is created.
Poynter says that Jonah Lehrer is the latest unwitting target of "the Google Game".

Andrew Beaujon suggests that Lehrer’s work shows bigger problems than self-plagiarism: "If the crowd-sourced forensic examination of his work keeps up — surely there’s someone with the time to listen to 16 episodes of Radiolab — I’d imagine Lehrer will soon pine for the day people zinged him for reusing material he published elsewhere. At least that points to merely a deficit in work ethic, or his ability to come up with ideas."

Slate delves ever-deeper, asking "Does The New Yorker Give Enough Credit to Its Sources?" Here is the answer.

The Washington Post has some tough questions for The New Yorker, which is keeping Lehrer on the ranch, for now --- check this snippet out :::

* When Lehrer turns in his next piece, do you pump every single sentence into Google or special software to see if he’s written the same sentence before?

* Do you do such a thing for other folks’ submissions?

* If you do that for Lehrer’s pieces, how long do you keep it up? In perpetuity?

I say, "Let clearer heads prevail!"

"The art of blogging is basically the art of glossing the news: finding something out there on the internet, and then saying something interesting about it. Lehrer has a collection of interesting-things-to-say, and at any given point it’s quite easy to apply one of those things to something going on somewhere. And if you’ve already said that thing in the best way that you can, it’s a bit silly to say it a worse way just for the sake of not repeating yourself.

But there’s an easy way out of this problem: break the formula, which isn’t very bloggish in the first place. For one thing, Lehrer’s posts seem designed to make you not want to click on his links — he’s not sharing his excitement at finding something new, so much as delivering a seminar on ideas he’s had for some time, and which he feels confident expounding upon.

So here, then, are some ideas for how Lehrer’s blog might become much better."

Games industry INFOGRAPHIC 2011 sales worst since 2006

What do you think this means? Any connection to the Facebook IPO flop? Are people's gaming habits changing?

Summertime on Central Avenue, Albany NY 2012

Central & Quail, near the curb

Street Kitty


A familiar sight!

Thou Shalt Not Park in Handicapped Spaces

(sing it to the tune of "I've got friends in low places")

From the Sheriff's Office: (Via ACO)

Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple announced today the results of a one (1) day “Project Access” Handicap Parking saturation initiative that was conducted on Thursday, June 21, 2012.

A total of 41 parking summonses were issued to individuals who parked illegally in designated handicapped parking spaces. A breakdown of the summonses issued by individual departments is presented on ACO's blog HERE.

And what's following was sent to me via email:

photo - Collins Parks Wherever He Wants


As Erie County Executive, Chris Collins was caught many times parked illegally all over the county - from double parking outside stores to leaving his car parked in clearly marked No Parking Zones. Worst of all: as the photo above proves, he has parked in Handicapped Parking spots even when there were legal spots just steps away.

When asked by Republican leaders about the security photo evidence above, Collins claimed the photos were altered with a computer program. In fact, the photos are from private security footage, clearly time and date stamped, and completely unaltered. He lied.

What kind of person thinks they are entitled to block parking spaces reserved for people suffering from handicaps? And what kind of person lies about it when they are caught on camera?


Life is meaningless without twitter!

I realized something was amiss on Thursday afternoon when a couple of tweets I sent out were "rejected" - I guessed correctly that the service was down, and that was that.

During the outage, Twitter was unable to display its infamous "Fail Whale" error message.

Hacker Cosmo with the group UG Nazi claimed responsibility. A spokesman for Twitter said the issue was caused by "a cascaded bug in one of our infrastructure components".

I've learned over the last ten years that any computer-related disaster should be expected to happen just about anytime, and not to lose any sleep over it. The other day one of my crew's laptops crashed and she was in "dire straits" to say the least.

I showed her how to go step by step into safe mode and restore the operating system by initializing WinXP via an earlier restore point. I declined any reward for my actions, because I understand most people flip out when the system, network or internet acts a little ditzy.

I was incredulous when I read these tweets from digital sheeple:

"Twitters broke, my life has no meaning anymore," one user wrote on the social media website Tumblr.

Another wrote, "twitter is down and my life is over."

Really? As Squidward would say, "tell it to someone who cares."

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Hold The Curry Today! Dead Ann Walking?

Check out Jim Romanesko's blog today for excerpts from the Ann Curry interview in August’s Ladies’ Home Journal

Mr. Romanesko has also announced that he is dropping his blog's dual commenting system — WordPress Comments and Facebook Comments — and use Facebook only. He says old comments will remain on the site. If I were he, I would have kept WP and dropped FB, but that's me. Long-time readers of this blog will recall I once offered a marvelous dual-commenting system: blogger + haloscan. Unfortunately, when Haloscan changed hands, the new owners forced people to switch to a system that was incompatible with my blog. Jerks! I wouldn't entrust comments to facebook. I learned the hard way: what seems rock-solid stable today could crumble tomorrow.

Ann Curry: It's Hard Not To Take Poor TODAY Ratings PersonallyUs Magazine

* Ann Curry wanted to last 20 years at “Today” (
* Curry soldiers on during “Today” as exit rumors swirl (NY Daily News)
* Verne Gay: Why Ann Curry didn’t work out at “Today” (Newsday)
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