Sunday, June 24, 2012

Follow-up to Source Blogger's "Putting Away Childish Things: Digg, Alexa Toolbar, Blog Catalog, Entrecard, and CMF Ads"

Hey look! It's Source Blogger!

Before we get into this, please let me add two 2012 "childish things" currently appearing in the blogosphere:

(1) Blog designs using OVERLY LARGE PRINT with very little in the sidebar. This screams to me that the blogger thinks I am stupid and I can only read on a second or third grade level. AVOID these blogs designed for simple minds. Many of them are run by GURUS.

(2) Blogs by/for the "ALL-KNOWING GURU" (Who really wants to sell you something)

You've seen these blogs. Your blog sucks and they'll fix it for you! You are attracted maybe via a link on twitter that takes you to blog that redirects you to a post that ends up with a link where you are ambushed with a popup asking you to buy an ebook or PDF or download yet another idiotic plugin.

I recently revisited an old post by sourceblogger that I had bookmarked.

Here is a link to his FEED...

I'm not linking to his actual blog post here (sorry, sourcey!), because you'll get annoying popups and popovers if you try to read it. Popups can be a rude, major in-your-face annoyance, especially for those of you (and I know there are many) dealing with dial-up connections or third-world internet providers.

In the article entitled "Putting Away Childish Things: Digg, Alexa Toolbar, Blog Catalog, Entrecard, and CMF Ads" published April 7, 2011 (a little more than a year ago), sourceblogger walks readers thorugh arguments why each of these services should be cast aside.

Digg: "When Digg changed its parameters to only display your content to the people who followed you on Digg, you suddenly realized that the potential to reach a large audience was reduced to the 15-20 followers you had prior to the change."

I rarely use Digg anymore. During Fall 2011 I had good luck with StumbleUpon, but even that seems "dead" nowadays.

Alexa Toolbar: Like many others, sourceblogger is anti-Alexa. I still have the link to it in my sidebar and I check it every now and then. Don't pay it much mind, though!

Blog Catalog: sourceblogger sees this one as some sort of hostile clique just like the old CMF ads: which is now defunct (Adgitize was about the same - and sourceblogger includes 'em in his "roundup whammy") --- here's another excerpt: "When you begin hearing stories of people spending hours and hours visiting other blogs in the Entrecard, CMF Ads, Adgitize network, it becomes a very unhealthy, obsessive environment… one that I wish to separate myself from. Especially when it is marketed as '“blog advertising'."

I am still using Entrecard. Not on an obsessive basis (I only make a "drop" if I happen to be on a blog with a widget), but as an additional service for exposure and as an advertising tool, EC works!

BlogEngage: was not included in sourceblogger's list - it's a good outfit but my pickin' bone is all the phoney baloney "liking" and "tweeting" which (sadly) results in spamming as BlogEngage has bloggers jumping thru hoops and stepping on one another to win cash prizes. Money is nice, but not at that price (oh, and, some of the "rules" imposed are just too darned detailed for a busy guy like me - leav it to the work-at-home people, the unemployed and the folsk with too much time on their hands to beat themselves to death for a few bucks!)

Pinterest: wasn't "big time" yet - jury is still out on that one

LinkedIn: Sourceblogger mentioned he was about to add a LinkedIn badge

twitter: has loser-bloggers addicted

"facebook comments" : will come to bite whatever blog employs them in the ass later on down the road (mark my words on that!) Third-party commenting systems are never a wise choice.

And beware of "new" stuff... wait until the dust settles!
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  1. leav it to the work-at-home people, the unemployed and the folsk with too much time on their hands to beat themselves to death for a few bucks!


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