Sunday, June 17, 2012

Internet Depression

CNET is getting to the point where it must be trying to be some sort of online "tabloid" - distorting the facts about a "survey" which I believe has little or no merit (read the CNET Scoop and here's a little edited / abridged version:

People YOUNG ADULTS OF COLLEGE AGE who showed symptoms of depression tended to use the Internet differently than those who didn't show signs of depression, researchers said in a New York Times opinion piece Sunday. Some of that behavior included obsessively checking e-mail (haha- my BlackBerry takes care of that for me!), watching lots of videos (nah - too much buffering is a waste of my time!) , and switching frequently among multiple apps, according to a new study by researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

The researchers asked 216 college students to complete a questionnaire to determine whether they were depressed, then asked the school's information technology department to examine how the students spent their time on the Internet.

The following was ripped from the New York Times - and I seriously question what relevance a survey of College Students in MISSOURI possibly could have to College Students on other campuses, like SUNY New Paltz, Fordham, etc., much less to other age groups who spend time online? This is one F'd up conclusion these guys have made!

What are the practical applications of this research? We hope to use our findings to develop a software application that could be installed on home computers and mobile devices. It would monitor your Internet usage and alert you when your usage patterns might signal symptoms of depression. This would not replace the function of mental health professionals, but it could be a cost-effective way to prompt people to seek medical help early. It might also be a tool for parents to monitor the mood-related Internet usage patterns of their children.

Such software could also be used at universities, perhaps installed on campus networks to notify counselors of students whose Internet usage patterns are indicative of depressive behavior. (This proposal, of course, raises privacy concerns that would have to be addressed.)

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Blogger Tools said...

I am not depressed from internet in any way.

Rocco J said...

What a bunch of crap! The only great thing here is the pic of the pups!

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