Friday, June 29, 2012

Liane Membis #limembo ::: Liberette?

"Liane was a liar, Liane was a fake, Liane came to my website, stole all she could take"

"According to related reporting, Ms. Membis will be in a national-level beauty pagent later this year. Guess I am wondering what she'll roll out in the talent competition."

"For every infraction someone is held accountable for, there are probably 100 that won't even be discovered..." A police chief once told me that during a radio interview. There's more to the Liane "lazy" Membis story than meets than eye, I'm sure, and here is one more bit of evidence. This came from someone who was searching or browsed by my blog, someone whose attention was attracted to or drawn by the appearance of the word and website "Liberette" which was the brainchild of disgraced journalist Liane Membis.

I received this comment on my recent post about Ms. Membis:
"Hello, We established our online sexy clothing shop in 2005. Liberette stands for being a Free-Woman who wears, thinks and does what ever she wants, Our customers and models often call themselves "Liberette's". These two central ideas have been stolen by Liane Membis and her To a true Liberette it certainly does not matter what colour of your skin you are, hence "Love Sees No Colour". It was bad enough having our concept ripped off by Liane Membis, but what really hurts is that it has basically been ripped off by a light fingered, politically correct, box ticking racist. Thank You Libbyx The Liberette Liberette Glamour Fashions"

My guess is that Ms. Membis didn't think anyone would notice her lifting anything from a UK website that most folks in her niche wouldn't be likely to bump into. A lot of young people growing up as part of the internet subculture have learned that “borrowing” is okay… it began as “sampling” of tunes by hiphop artists… and look how Nicki Minaj hijacked the “Barbie” franchise but nevertheless ended up in the good graces of toymaker Mattel!

And look at blogs – just lifting random copy and images from here and there. I wonder if Ms. Membis realized where she heading when she began enhancing her articles with ficticious information. At least she didn’t plagiarize anything we know of…

Below are screengrabs from each liberette website. Your comments and questions or any observations are most welcome here!

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The Twitterer said...

Wow she's a rat isn't she!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Dave,
You are a proper Journalist.
Best Wishes

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