Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Liberette's Liane Membis #limembo ::: Burning Bridges

"I was once a tomboy who grew into a mini-diva. Kind of like a butterfly blossoming from its cocoon." ~ Liane Membis

An aspiring journalist has been busted for faking sources. Liane Membis has been busy trying to scrub herself off the interwebs - her is gone ... as is her twitter account, which was Lili (@limembo) "a wordsmith with a heart for social change. Words fly frequent miles. Always doc 'em. 2011-12 Miss Black America ..."

Did Membis consume too much Nutella? She admits to being obsessed with the stuff. Or maybe she was inspired by the great black female hoaxer Janet Cooke, who won a Pulitzer Prize for a story she fabricated!

Will she come clean and "confess" in her online magazine? After all, she is the Creator and Editorial Director of Liberette.

Hopefully, Liberette is making some dough: Membis is no longer working at The Wall Street Journal." As always in these cases, it happened more than once.

"Liane Membis was an intern for the Journal for less than three weeks and wrote or contributed to five published pieces — one of which has been removed from our online archives and two of which have been edited to remove quotes that were provided by the intern and that cannot be confirmed," a spokesperson told Politico. The two other articles can be see here and here, both alerting readers that quotes were "attributed to names that couldn’t be independently verified."

All of Membis' body of works is now hanging in the balance. Membis has also written articles for the Huffington Post, CNN, and Ebony.

The lazy Membis isn't a lone-phoney: Poynter reports that "Paresh Jha, an award-winning reporter for Hearst Newspapers’ New Canaan News in Connecticut, has been fired for fabricating sources and quotes in at least 25 stories over the nearly two years he worked at the weekly."

Wall Street Journal Gets Jayson Blair'd By Intern

Membis Racist? Forum commenters take turns bashing Membis over this CNN article (which may be taken down before the day is over).

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NeeNee & B.T. said...

Affirmative action strikes again! Jayson Blair Part Deux. It's too rich that the yanked WSJ article, "Bridging A Local Divide," was all about black whining and victimhood. Just what you would expect.

Anonymous said...

In my very bess Fred Sanford voice: YOU BIG DUMMY!!!

Victor Mswega said...

She was quite clearly unqualified and only got the job because she was a black female.

Anonymous said...

First Janet Cooke, then Jayson Blair, Then that Kaayva chick - now this liar - these minos are bad news for news! It takes more effort to fake news than to report real news.

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace to black women

This is why we struggle because of (insert N word her) like her

Anonymous said...

She needs help!

Anonymous said...

We are 2005-2012,
liberette mag ripped us off, with a really cheap, skanky, crappy copy.

Dave Lucas said...

To the most recent Anonymous - Please explain what you are referring to when you say "liberette mag ripped us off" - DETAILS?

Anonymous said...

We established our online sexy clothing shop in 2005.
Liberette stands for being a Free-Woman who wears, thinks and does what ever she wants,
Our customers and models often call themselves "Liberette's".
These two central ideas have been stolen by Liane Membis and her
To a true Liberette it certainly does not matter what colour of your skin you are, hence "Love Sees No Colour".
It was bad enough having our concept ripped off by Liane Membis, but what really hurts is that it has basically been ripped off by a light fingered, politically correct, box ticking racist.
Thank You
The Liberette
Liberette Glamour Fashions

Dave Lucas said...


Thanks for the information - I will be posting more about this either later today (friday) or during the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave, you are most welcome.

Dave Lucas said...

Readers: I had to delete a "white power" comment from someone who submitted it as "anonymous" --- those submitting comments of a sensitive nature should always identify themselves as well as their blogs and/or websites.

You are welcome to resubmit your comment with proper identification.

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