Friday, June 22, 2012

Life is meaningless without twitter!

I realized something was amiss on Thursday afternoon when a couple of tweets I sent out were "rejected" - I guessed correctly that the service was down, and that was that.

During the outage, Twitter was unable to display its infamous "Fail Whale" error message.

Hacker Cosmo with the group UG Nazi claimed responsibility. A spokesman for Twitter said the issue was caused by "a cascaded bug in one of our infrastructure components".

I've learned over the last ten years that any computer-related disaster should be expected to happen just about anytime, and not to lose any sleep over it. The other day one of my crew's laptops crashed and she was in "dire straits" to say the least.

I showed her how to go step by step into safe mode and restore the operating system by initializing WinXP via an earlier restore point. I declined any reward for my actions, because I understand most people flip out when the system, network or internet acts a little ditzy.

I was incredulous when I read these tweets from digital sheeple:

"Twitters broke, my life has no meaning anymore," one user wrote on the social media website Tumblr.

Another wrote, "twitter is down and my life is over."

Really? As Squidward would say, "tell it to someone who cares."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Some people have no lives. They are freaking boring losers who try to make it like they are big time on the blogs and twitter. Like that farting ass windbag weindy.

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