Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Picture of Dawn Yang

Why is it we embrace and enjoy some people who have "re-made" or re-purposed their public image (like Xiaxue or Nicki Minaj, who both are associated with the colour pink by the way) but we scoff at and criticize others, like Dawn Yang?

I notice I've been getting hits from search engine queries such as "dawn yang dad" and "dawn yang father." So I googled those terms myself and found this:

Meet Dawn Yang ::: The Truth About Plasticzilla

From the Nation Master: "Dawn Yang has stood firm on her Thai-Dutch blood-related links, and has since craftily reiterated that her man-made dubiously natural borderline-Eurasian look is inborn; by posting other Eurasian-looking little girls’ photos in her website, with the written content plainly implicating the persons in the photos to be Dawn Yang herself.

Dawn Yang has also told anyone on sight that she was of mixed heritage when she was queried about her true heritage, most readers and friends felt revolted by her claims of being pan-asian and eurasian when her parents are of pure chinese bloodline. Most readers who have seen the pictures of her relatives are horrified to know that Dawn Yang has made false claims of being mixed blood when her relatives are pure chinese instead of mixed heritage."

Later on in the day I ran across a very nice picture on a forum: it was described as a snapshot of Dawn yang, her sister, and their father. You can view it after the jump.

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