Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Weekend Chew June 16-17, 2012

Why "Chew" -?- well, a place where we can "chew the Fat" or "chew the news" or just "chat over the fence." I'm planning to make this a weekend featurette here on the blog.

Just so we're clear - i think people are the greatest thing - so if you read something critical about somebody - I'm not being mean-spirited or cynical. Just advisory and sensible.

I received a nice comment from Kimmy on my post about Singapore's #1 blogger Xiaxue (Wendy Cheng) discovering "The Secret" - thank-you Kimmy! I tried a bit of positive thinking today - but maybe I didn't do it correctly - nothing went positive! LOL!

#1 on the list of things to keep your eye on this weekend is the Sunday Greek election, which will determine whether Greece drops the Euro as currency - AP's Matthew Craft offers his interpretation of this potentially tragic outcome in three acts!

Pinterest has generated a lot of interest. It was only a matter of time before the money-hungry crowd figured out a way to use it to take advantage of "I wanna make money with my blog" crowd.

No "sour grapes" here on my part - and I'll be the first one to tell ya that I've got nothing against people making money blogging - but this new "plugin for sale" takes it over the top: the maker charging almost USD $20 for it - and - The affiliate hawking the product is none other than the fellow who created CommentLuv - who no doubt has plenty of money - so $20 is "a drop in a bucket" for him. Oh, and get this, especially the last line:
"What is it for?
The main purpose of the plugin is to increase the chances of your blog images going viral by making it extremely easy for any user to ‘pin’ them.
It can also help to grow your Pinterest followers with the ‘follow me on pinterest’ button which is optional.
Who is it for?
For self hosted WordPress bloggers.
Why install it?
Turns every image on your site in to a pinnable image and it will encourage users (if you want them to) to follow you on Pinterest.
It’s a quick and painless process to set it up and once done, you can leave it to do its’ work.
How much does it cost?
It is currently below $20 (price may increase)"
What's that? PRICE MAY INCREASE! Greed breeds more greed, I guess! By the way, the developer has no respect for Pinterest, referring to it as "an image dump in the cloud."

Now, you can buy the plugin and place it on your blog or website, but there really is no guarantee how long it will work or how effective it will be in the long run once "everybody" is milking Pinterest - and if Google should buy Pinterest, look to get slapped for "cheating the system" as Googlites have been labeling helpful tools.

Could this plug-in be aimed at making Pinterest more "man-friendly"??? Check out these recent headlines: “SO PINTEREST IS A WOMAN’S WORLD. DOES IT MATTER?” (NPR), “MEN ARE FROM GOOGLE+, WOMEN ARE FROM PINTEREST” (Time), “DIGITAL CRACK FOR WOMEN” (Washington Post), “PINTEREST’S GENDER TROUBLE” (Salon).
Read more

In my humble opinion, $9 would be an honest price to charge for this plugin, especially keeping in mind that to a lot of bloggers in third world countries who depend on the chump change revenue from their blogs to put dinner on the table, $20 is a LOT of money.

What do you do? STAY HONEST!
Now let's chew a few more topics:

This next one is absolutely SICK!

Grieving Father Struggles to Pay Dead Son’s Student Loans

Marian Wang, News Report: The grief was relentless; the debt collectors, ruthless. By law, debt collectors must go through a debtor's attorney if one has been hired, but even after Reynoso hired an attorney, he said they continued to call him every day, several times a day, for about a year and a half: "I would tell them to call the lawyer. And they would still say, 'The lawyer doesn't owe us. You're the one who owes us. You're the one who has to pay us.'
Back in the 1950s and 60s, College Education was FREE in New York! Now you end up paying for the rest of your life for your education? Not right!

And here's New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a must-to-admire, as continually demonstrates his resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities!

Was Andrew Cuomo’s NY Fracking “Sacrifice Zone” Plan Hatched by NRDC?

Steve Horn, News Analysis: “We were clear that we were neither specifically endorsing any of these alternatives nor were we presupposing that any level of development should be approved – simply that the state cannot fully evaluate fracking here without an in-depth analysis of any and all scenarios that could take place here.” Sinding added: “We regret that these comments have created concern and confusion.
Reporters have been aware for awhile that there would be some cherry-picked areas of NY state where the hydrofracking would begin... now we 99% sure the "leaks" were on target. Perhaps floated as "trial balloons" just to gauge reaction? Hmmmm....

Zambia::: Meet an African Blogger Who Tackles Health Issues

Read this post.

Lastly, I'd like to bring to your attention one Zambian female blogger who tackles an issue other Zambian bloggers don’t touch — health. Meluse Kapatamoyo has written about dementia, fibroids as well as malaria eradication and the use of beads for family planning among other health conditions on her POKEyourMIND blog. I'm hoping you'll stop by and visit Meluse's blog, and please if you can, let her know you heard about it here on my blog. I'm trying to build more of a readership in Africa... and if you happen to be an African blogger yourself, please leave a comment and a link back to your blog for me, okay?

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  1. Hey Lucus, just thought i should drop by and say thank you for posting the link on article by Gershom.




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