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Blogger's Digest » 17 July 2012

Longtime ladyblogger KimberlyCun documents a "ladies day" style excursion!

Could a COOKIE decide the winner of the next US Presidential election? Check out twitchy.com's "Game changer: Obama touts Thin Mints as best Girl Scout cookie" - (I wonder if the POTUS likes the ABC Bakery version or "the other company" version...)

Interview with Weibo Today::: “China is not all about censorship and politics”

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Want to know what’s going on on China’s social media but cannot speak Chinese? Keep on reading, then. It’s been four months since Elle Lee (@ElleIconLee) and Casey Lau (@hypercasey) opened a Youtube channel to broadcast Weibo Today, a weekly online show spotlighting trending topics from China's social networks in English. Global Voices talked to Elle Lee about their show.

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On Twitter, @Detect_Dialect ispushing for Detect Dialect - a dialect-specific search tool for Arabic content on Twitter. In addition to Classic Arabic, Arabs speak their local dialects, which sometimes differ even between neighbouring villages. This new tool claims to detect the dialects of Gulf, Iraqi, Levant, Egyptian and Maghreb Arabs.

Mideast Youth has launched an iPad-exclusive application that showcases revolutionary leaders and movements in the past 100 years and allows people to learn about how these revolutionaries and leaders are connected to each other. Check Making of a Century out here.
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