Sunday, July 29, 2012

@hishama @FamousBloggers Net Nightmare Over!

Hesham has awakened from the worst nightmare! Thanks to me and others tweeting and blogging about how @godaddy sucks, the hosting service began acting like a REAL host and helped Hesham! What a disgusting disgrace to treat a customer the way they treated Hesham!

Originally titled "@godaddy Revolting Developments"

FUNNY THING ABOUT THE INTERNET ::: You know how they always say "once it's on the web it's forever" - and similar crap? It's NOT forever if you keep a blog or have a facebook or twitter account - those things CAN BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU if the owner(s) of those sites make it so! That's why I have all my blogstuffs backe dup on a USB stick and a copy on CD.

Don't get too fond of your blog or your facebook account - or anything else - because in the end, when all is said and typed and uploaded and downloaded, YOU really DON'T have CONTROL.

Hesham Zebida found out the hardest way of all. He's a great guy - an honorable blogger if ever there was one -

An email arrived from Ana of Traffic Generation Cafe. Something really bad had happened to another blogger. Hesham, who runs the wonderful FamousBloggers site, was locked out of his third-party webhosted blog. It had been hijacked right out from under him. Hard work building a class A blog... Gone! Servicing advertisers and drawing income... Gone! Nothing is safe or sacred.


A - Do NOT rely on any third-party hosting service
B - Do NOT write posts detailing how much money you made blogging last month

Because the Schnook who stole Hesham's websites asked Hesham for USD$999 each! So he (or she) had been reading FamousBloggers.Net - he might be "Windy" and she might be "Lady Java" - or maybe not - those are just two bloggers that come to mind who would stoop low enough to carry out vendettas against other bloggers (as they did against Zuveena) and spend a lot of time sifting through code looking for ways to implicate other bloggers. And of course, they're glad to stop by your blog and click your adsense ads in hope you'll get banned...

Right now Hesham is holding out hope that the public outcry may help boost his effort to get his websites back. Hesham, I hope you backed up your content! I see you have a firestorm of comments on your personal blog - a lot of good advice - but to Hesham's "good advisors" I ask "Where were you with your good advice BEFORE Hesham got hijacked?" The answer is simple: REAL gurus don't share or sell their "secrets" - they just use them and play their cards close to the vest. Oh, and, WILL HESHAM OR SOMEBODY PLEASE SUE THE CRAP OUT OF GO-DADDY? WHAT KIND OF TWO-BIT SERVICE ARE THEY RUNNING?

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PK said...

Hi Dave - troublemakers are everywhere!

sally brown said...

Hi Dave,

This is a wake-up call to other bloggers to do as you suggest and keep backups of their site. There are some really nasty people out there who don't care about anyone but themselves.

I'm so glad that all the tweets, FB messages and other things got Hesham some much needed help from GoDaddy. Thanks for sharing this. Sally

Dave Lucas said...

@sally brown

You're SO right, sally! We bloggers HAVE TO stick together. there are more 'monsters" out there waiting in the interbrush.

Thanks for commenting!

Marzie said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave:)

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