Sunday, July 22, 2012

Help Catch The "Heaven Scent Vandal"

He's either a tall teen or a young adult - a vandal who obviously will take advantage of unattended opportunities. Like he did at the laundromat.

This guy is bad news. He's responsible for busting up the snack vending machine at an area business, and he may be the same person who trashed the place on at least two other occasions... he could also be the same person who ripped the change machine off the wall and hauled it away.

Study his picture below. Mouseover and click on it for a larger version. You might see him around the area of Section 8 housing in the Hackett Boulevard area near St. Peter's Hospital. He also could be traveling to the upper-middle class area via the new "ghetto bus" that has locals in a snit.["Get rid of 6 and 138 buses running through Buckingham Pond/Crestwood

Nearly empty buses with tinted windows only providing easy access to
this neighborhood to perps from high crime downtown hoods."]

SNAP HIS PICTURE IF YOU SEE HIM - of course, don't let him know you're doing that - in the security cam fotos he is aware of the camera but UNFAZED, so he could be on drugs like bath salts or marijuana. If you don't carry a mobile phone, note the time of day and exactly where you saw him... call Police if possible!


Mouseover and click on the image for a closer look at this thug.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've seen this guy at the Albany County Courthouse - can't recall when

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